Top Autumn Fashion Trends That Will Give You Major FOMO

As the leaves begin to change and temperatures start to drop, it’s time to put away our summer staples and refresh our wardrobes for the fall. This autumn, fashion is turning toward statement details, retro callbacks, and cozy textures that provide warmth while still making an impression. Forget minimalism – 2023 is all about embracing fun details that spark joy and express your personal style.

Let’s explore some of the exciting new trends you’ll be seeing everywhere this fall season!

Power Shoulders


One of the most dramatic styles rising this autumn is the return of power shoulders. Exaggerated, padded shoulders add retro allure to blazers, coats, and dresses. This trend creates striking silhouettes that demand attention.

The glamorously bold shoulder pads of the 1980s are back, but modernized. You’ll see sleek, sculpted iterations along with voluminous designs that cross into avant-garde territory. Pairing an oversized shoulder jacket with slim bottoms or a bubble skirt creates a fierce high-low balance.

Designers like Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Balmain incorporated futuristic or asymetrical shoulder details for bold flair. This trend allows you to play with proportion and shape to gain confidence. Who says looking cool can’t be cozy too?

Low-Rise Jeans

Y2K fashion continues influencing the 2023 runway with the comeback of low-rise jeans. Ultra-low waistbands are back to flaunt midriffs and hips. But rather than the overly exposed styles of decades past, many low-rise options today offer a more balanced look.


Current low-rise jeans best compliment bodies they elegantly drape over rather than squeeze. Pair them with crop tops or longer blouses for more coverage. You can also wear them under blazers, tanks, or dresses for a peekaboo stomach moment.

Rather than provocation, today’s low- and mid-rise jeans focus on easygoing vibe and 70s retro flair. The relaxed bootcut also contrasts with the tight skinny jeans dominating the 2010s. Ultimately, embrace what makes you feel stylish and comfortable!

Metallic Moments

Metallic fashion always makes a glittering statement for autumn and holiday looks. This year, expect to see more bold golds, shimmering silvers, and warm coppers illuminating fabrics. Metallic skirts, dresses, trench coats and accessories add gleam to the colder months.


What makes metallics so fun is matching them unexpectedly – say, a silver pleated skirt with a casual white tee and jean jacket. Or elevate a simple LBD with copper heels and accessories. Metallic pieces allow you to dial up the drama for an evening out while shining at daytime too!

From disco ball mini-skirts to liquid leggings, designers like Saint Laurent, Rodarte, and Versace channel metallic’s seventies legacy for maximum radiance. Embrace these eye-catching textures to brighten up cloudy fall days.

Wild for Animal Prints

Animal prints never go out of fashion, but this autumn sees bolder, more prominent use of these wild motifs. Leopard reigns supreme – you’ll spot it on everything from coats to trousers. But snake, zebra, cow spot, and even tiger patterns also provide fierce flair.

Raey oversized leopard camel hair fleece

Neutral brown or tan animal prints pair perfectly with fall’s earthy color palette. Or make it pop against dark tones like black or burgundy. You can’t go wrong adding a leopard print coat, blazer, or bag to elevate neutral basics like a white tee and jeans. This trend spans from casual to ultra-glam evening wear.

Designers like Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Christian Dior embraced leopard patterns in exaggerated ways. But you can also incorporate subtle animal print accents on shoes, jewelry or scarves. Unleash your own inner wildness!

Pretty Pastels

Fall fashion tends toward more muted, earthy color palettes. But this season sees the playful return of soft pastels to provide more whimsical variety. Think airy pinks, calming blues, and sunny lavenders lightening up autumn outfits.

Pastel turtlenecks, trousers, dresses, and oversized pullovers add youthful flair without the harshness of neons. They create more approachable office or daywear looks when combined with darker neutrals like black, gray, and brown. Pastels can shine through at weddings and events too for a fairy tale vibe.

Runway shows for labels like Prada, Miu Miu, and Bottega Veneta displayed ethereal pastel pieces. But you can also thrift vintage wares in those distinctive faded shades. Add this trending palette to any autumn outfit in small or large doses for a dreamy effect.

Utilitarian With A Twist

2022 saw an expansion of utilitarian fashion with cargo pants and utility attire providing comfort and edge. For autumn 2023, look for ways to add intriguing updates to practical tactical wear.

Oversized utility vests, cargo joggers with asymmetric zips, and multi-pocketed jackets offer new twists. Mixing camo prints and utilitarian details onto knitwear softens the harshness. Don’t be afraid to layer ripped denim and military shirts for an unexpected combo.

Breampot Womens Cargo Trousers

Designers like Collina Strada, Jil Sander, and Stella McCartney amped up function for the streetwear crowd by merging military and workwear staples with artsy embellishments.

Let utilitarian pieces provide structure and attitude before elevating them through jewelry, hair accessories, and statement shoes or bags. With some imagination, you can blend comfort and creativity just like high fashion!

Vintage Inspo

Vintage fashion never goes out of style, but autumn 2023 sees a surge in inspiration drawn from past eras. With thrifting and sustainable fashion on the rise, expect to see coveted throwback looks from the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond influencing trends.

From bohemian 70s caftans to slouchy 90s minimalism, modern designers remix retro influences rather than directly copying vintage aesthetics. Nostalgic prints, craftcore revivals, and Y2K grunge updates provide wearable ways to channel the past.

Both emerging and established labels looked to the archives, like Coach reworking 80s styles and Chopova Lowena finding 70s funk. But you can also peruse local thrift stores for vintage finds and blend old pieces with new. Tap into timeless cool.

The Knitting Craze

As the temperatures cool down, cozy knitwear rules supreme. This season sees knits appearing in fresh elaborate or deconstructed ways. Thick, cabled knits offer warmth, while cutouts add artistic flair. Oversized knitted shawls, sweaters, and accessories provide comfort with personality.

Crochet also continues trending beyond summer as artists and brands merge old handicrafts with new vibes. Avoid basics and seek knits sporting puff sleeves, asymmetric hems, or bold colors. Irish label Sorcha O’Raghallaigh makes coveted luxe woolens feel young and quirky.

Bottega Veneta

Men can also participate in the knitwear moment through beanies, scarves, and even sweaters with modern cropped, sleeveless, or open-knit fits. Just be sure to choose breathable fibers to avoid getting overheated indoors!

Layer up in knits ranging from rustic homespun to runway while flaunting your inner crafting skills. Let the textures tell a tactile story.

Boots For All

Of course, the fall footwear spotlight shines brightest on boots. Knee-high, cowboy, Chelsea, lug sole, and combat silhouettes stomp back in endless varieties this season. Whether worn with skirts, jeans, or dresses, stylish boots empower your step.

Oversized lug soles on hiking booties add height in a chunky yet feminine way. For menswear, embossed leather cowboy boots make a retro statement. And sleek knee-high options in metallics or textured materials channel equestrian glam.

Niche Canadian cowboy boot brand Roots steps into high fashion with a cult following. Mass brands like Zara and Mango also capture of-the-moment boot trends for affordability. You can also thrift vintage boots and personalize them to suit your look.

Let your boots make an impact and tap into the self-expression they provide. The endless options ensure you can find some suited to your individual taste – whether that’s Western flair, Gothic edge, heritage workwear, or futuristic vibes. Walk into autumn with a kick of confidence!

The trends for fall 2023 encourage us to move boldly into the future while still celebrating timeless fashion joys. As we enter cooler months filled with cozying up and holidays, our clothing choices can help spark playfulness, versatility, and imagination.

So break out the animal prints, low-rise denim, power shoulder jackets, and textured knits! Feel free to mix and match across eras to create something uniquely you. Fall invites us to embrace nostalgia and whimsy in our wardrobes. Bundle up, have fun, and don’t be afraid to proudly express your personal tastes. Let your style reflect the seasonal spirit within!

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