The Ultimate Barbie Buyer’s Guide: 6 Must-Have Dolls and Playsets for Your Collection

Calling All Mini MDs! Barbie Has Your First Rounds Covered

Hey parents, does your kiddo love playing doctor and taking care of their dolls? Well, get ready to fuel those imaginations, because Barbie’s brand new Baby Doctor Playset lets little ones dive into the medical world for a whole lot of caretaking fun.

This playset totally transforms into a two-story medical unit, complete with a waiting room, exam area, x-ray station, nursery and treatment room. Over 30 pieces allow kids to check symptoms, diagnose boo-boos, and nurse those baby doll patients back to health.

Downstairs, mini docs can bring dolls in for check-ups, take x-rays to see what’s going on inside, and use tweezers, a syringe, otoscope and other doctor tools for hands-on diagnosis. Then it’s up the working elevator to the treatment level!

Up top, the nursery has a crib for napping patients while the treatment room stocks bandages, casts, and more medical must-haves. And what’s a Children’s Hospital without a bubbling frog tank to cheer everyone up? Ribbit!

With the sink pumping water and a scale that really works, the attention to realistic details is awesome. Of course the star of the show is the Barbie Baby Doctor doll herself, ready to nurture in her scrubs and stethoscope.

With so many ways to imagine and roleplay, creative kiddos will come back to this set again and again. The two levels and elevator also provide fun scenarios for collaborative playtime with siblings or friends.

Let those imaginations run wild and see where they take the story each time! Does the baby doll patient get a lollipop for being brave? Do the nursery frogs need more pals? The medical adventures are endless!

The Baby Doctor Playset isn’t just about the fun of roleplaying – it’s about building empathy, compassion and caretaking skills too. Qualities we want our littlest generation to carry forward!

So let your tiny doc grab their medical gear and get to healing. Hospital’s open for playtime!

Jet Set Off on Adventures with Barbie’s Travel-Themed Playset!

Pack your bags parents, because we’re going on a trip! Well, an imaginary one anyway. Barbie’s new Travel Doll playset lets kids’ imaginations soar as they send Barbie jetting off on dream vacations and holidays.

This travel-themed set comes with over 10 accessories, including a sticker-customizable suitcase, backpack, neck pillow, eye mask, camera, headphones and more. Barbie’s even got her pup coming along for the journey!

With her luggage all packed up, kids can decide where Barbie’s headed first. Maybe she’s cruising to a tropical getaway, touring Europe’s top spots or roadtripping cross-country in her camper van. The travel possibilities are endless!

Before takeoff, there’s packing to do. Kids can use the fun sticker sheet to decorate Barbie’s suitcase with flags, postcards or whatever sparks their imagination. Then it’s time to fill her backpack with must-haves like headphones, a camera, water bottle and even a toothbrush. Safety first!

Once Barbie boards her flight, the roleplay fun really takes off. Does she watch a movie with her headphones and sleep with her eye mask on? Stop to take pics out the plane window? Details like the neck pillow and blankets make the story feel real.

Upon landing, Barbie can gear up for her dream itinerary in each destination. She’s ready to tour museums, try local cuisine, relax on the beach and have amazing adventures with her pup. The Travel Doll set sparks storytelling fun that kids will come back to again and again.

With over 10 travel accessories, this playset empowers imaginations and builds narrative skills. Barbie has everything she needs to hit the road or skies, including her collapsing suitcase to start the packing all over for her next big trip!

So buckle up for safety and get ready for takeoff! With her stickered-up luggage and backpack essentials, Barbie is ready to jet to wherever your child’s imagination goes. The dream vacation awaits!

Bring Barbie’s Malibu Dreams to Life Brick by Brick!

Forget blueprints – the only plans needed are those big imaginations! Barbie’s Malibu House Building Set lets kids design and build Barbie’s Dream Home brick by brick for customizable roleplay fun.

This 2-story mega set includes over 290 building bricks, special decorative pieces, 5 baseplates and instructions for constructing the ultimate SoCal mansion. But the creative fun doesn’t stop there!

Once the core house is built, kids can rearrange rooms and decor however they envision Barbie’s home. Build her dream walk-in closet in the bedroom, an indoor pool for parties or a pet spa for her 3 included pets – the options are endless!

Nine fashion accessories like sunglasses, purses and shoes add to the customize-and-play experience. Kids can switch up Barbie’s outfit to match events going on in her Malibu lifestyle. Heading to the beach? Pop on some shades!

Rooms can be decorated and redesigned again and again. Add plants to the entryway, rearrange the kitchen furniture or turn the vlogging studio into a music room instead. Where will your child’s imagination take Barbie’s home next?

Compatible with other Barbie sets and major brands, this building set offers unlimited expandability. Extra bricks mean more adding on as kids grow their Barbie worlds.

While bringing the stories to life through building, kids will also be developing creativity, problem-solving and fine motor skills. This is playtime that parents can feel good about!

At the end of the day, the Malibu House Building Set is all about your child’s unique vision. Let their inner architect run wild designing the perfect pad for Barbie’s SoCal lifestyle. Those Malibu dreams can come true brick by brick!

Barbie Dreamcamper Vehicle

Get ready to take Barbie on the ultimate camping adventure with her fabulously upgraded pink camper! This modern luxury vehicle has it all — a fully-equipped kitchen, a shower and toilet, slide-out decks, and over 60 play pieces for endless fun. With its realistic lights, sounds, and sliding elements, playing indoors feels just like being on a real camping trip!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. When you fold down the fabric “walls,” you’ll discover three spacious play areas that are perfect for Barbie and her friends to hang out and enjoy the great outdoors. And the best part? This camper easily connects to other Barbie vehicles, so you can create a whole fleet of adventure-ready rides!

So, get ready to join Barbie on a camping trip like no other. With its clever design and convertible spaces, this ultra-camper unlocks countless storytelling possibilities. Let your imagination run wild and get ready for non-stop camping fun!

Barbie 50th Anniversary Reproduction Doll

Introducing the Barbie 50th Anniversary Reproduction doll, a delightful throwback to the iconic Barbie of 1959. This special edition doll captures the essence of vintage style while embracing modern quality.

From the charming blond ponytail to the timeless black and white swimsuit, every detail of this doll is a loving homage to the original Barbie. Even the packaging graphics have been recreated to transport you back to that golden era of fashion dolls.

What sets this reproduction apart is its durability. While it evokes nostalgia and collector’s appeal, it also allows for hands-on play without worrying about damaging its vintage charm. It’s the best of both worlds!

Whether you’re a longtime Barbie enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of classic toys, this Barbie 50th Anniversary Reproduction doll deserves a special place in your collection. It’s a true symbol of Barbie’s heritage and an absolute must-have for any fan.

Barbie Attitude Curvy Doll

Have you heard about Barbie’s new Curvy body line? It’s all about embracing diversity and celebrating different body types. These dolls are truly inspiring! One of the standout dolls in this line is Attitude Curvy Barbie. She’s all about rocking her fabulous curves with confidence.

Attitude Curvy Barbie shows off her amazing style with a trendy mesh dress and killer knee-high boots. With 27 flexible joints, she can strike fierce poses and unleash her personality. And let’s not forget about her gorgeous long locks that can be styled in so many ways.

The best part is that these dolls break free from outdated body ideals, promoting a more inclusive image of beauty. They encourage girls to feel proud and empowered in their own unique bodies.

If you’re interested in getting your own Attitude Curvy Barbie, you can find her here. Get ready to embrace your curves and show the world your amazing attitude!

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