The Timeless Allure of Ralph Lauren

For over 50 years, Ralph Lauren has defined quintessential American style. The brand’s aspirational ideals of heritage, sophistication and sensibility continue to inspire generations. Read on to discover why Ralph Lauren remains an undisputed icon in the fashion world.

An Empire Built on A Dream

It all started in 1967 when designer Ralph Lauren launched a line of wide, colorful ties. His unique vision for capturing preppy elegance struck a chord. The company grew rapidly into a full lifestyle brand encompassing clothing, accessories, home goods and more. At the heart of the Ralph Lauren brand is the American dream – conveying classic luxury infused with effortless ease.

Shop Men’s and Women’s Apparel

Ralph Lauren offers impeccable wardrobe staples for both men and women. Crisp Oxford shirts, polished sports coats, statement sweatshirts and leg-lengthening wide leg pants epitomize their menswear. For women, silk dresses, cashmere sweaters, relaxed-fit jeans and riding boots encapsulate refinement. Quality craftsmanship and luxe fabrics make each piece worth investing in.

Take Advantage of Ralph Lauren Coupons

While Ralph Lauren exudes prestige, you can often find great savings on their collections. The brand frequently offers Ralph Lauren coupons ranging from percentages off to discounted or free shipping. Look for these special offers on the website, sign up for emails to get coupon codes, or check online coupon sites. With the right discount, you can score designer pieces for less.

Explore Ralph Lauren Home Fashions

Bring Ralph Lauren’s signature sensibilities into your living space. Their home collections include furniture, bedding, towels, tableware and decor ranging from rustic cabin to Hamptons chic. Or fill your closet with their luxe loungewear and sleepwear to relax in comfort and style. Surround yourself with little luxuries from this iconic brand.

Visit the Flagship Polo Store in London

The Ralph Lauren flagship store on Bond Street in London is a must-see. Spanning five floors, this palatial Polo store showcases the full breadth of Ralph Lauren for men and women. Shop the latest collections in an atmosphere evoking a stately English manor. Professional stylists can provide one-on-one consultations to find your perfect pieces. Make a day of visiting this landmark Ralph Lauren store.

Dive Into Their Inspiring History

Over 50 years, Ralph Lauren has evolved into a multi-billion dollar empire while staying true to its ideals. Learn more by delving into their website and visiting the Ralph Lauren Center for Beverly Hills to see archived collections. Lauren himself grew up in modest means in the Bronx before skyrocketing to success through pure ambition. His story showcases how the American Dream is within anyone’s reach.

Ralph Lauren has come to define enduring sophistication and casual refinement. By combining heritage inspirations with a bold vision, Lauren built one of fashion’s greatest empires. Discover the wonderful world of Ralph Lauren to enjoy timeless pieces exuding elegance and quality craftsmanship.

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