The Kooples in a nutshell

Paris is known as the epicenter of fashion, and The Kooples embodies the essence of edgy Parisian style. If you keep seeing the iconic double “K” logo and want to learn more about this burgeoning brand, read on for the full lowdown.

Founded by three French brothers in 2008, The Kooples aimed to fuse tailored silhouettes and luxe fabrics with a dose of rock n’ roll attitude. The result is a signature blend of classic chic and subversive edge that’s simultaneously elegant and irreverent.

The Menswear Magic

The Kooples made its mark by taking heritage menswear pieces —blazers, tweed jackets, trench coats—and giving them an edgy modern twist. Floral embroidery, leather details, and skinny cuts transform traditional tailored coats and suits into contemporary statement pieces. The menswear perfectly encapsulates The Kooples’ blend of timelessness and trendiness.

For the modern, style-conscious man, The Kooples allows you to incorporate runway flair into your everyday wardrobe. The impeccable tailoring and silhouettes maintain a polished look while biker jackets, bold prints and graphics, and textured fabrics inject Parisian insouciance.

Chic With a Twist for Women

The womenswear lineup exudes the same breezy Parisian vibe, with feminine silhouettes and delicate florals juxtaposed by rock touches like leather, studs, and heavy metal graphics.

Billowing maxi dresses get toughened up by leather jackets, while denim cuts range from skinny boyfriend jeans to cool embroidered styles. From party dresses to casual-day looks, The Kooples designs fashion-forward pieces for cosmopolitan women who want high style with a twist.

Standout Ad Campaigns

The Kooples generates buzz with its provocative ad campaigns starring famous sibling pairs and real-life rockstar couples in suggestive poses. Sisters Chloe and Irene Sevigny, models Laura and Lindsey Wasson, and Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain are among those who have fronted ads.

Shot by esteemed fashion photographers, these visually stunning ads telegraph the brand’s blending of the sensual and the refined. They epitomize The Kooples’ avant-garde, sexually-charged interpretation of nonchalant Parisian style.

Why We’re Obsessed

What sets The Kooples apart in a crowded fashion landscape? First, their pieces offer a tantalizing taste of Parisian luxury. Compared to high-end designers, The Kooples provides accessibly priced, quality wardrobe staples, so you can afford that insouciant je ne sais quois.

Second, they refresh traditional styles with contemporary attitude. Tweeds, leather, florals, and silks get reimagined in modern fusion pieces. Finally, The Kooples nails that blend of sensuality and rock cool that just screams cosmopolitan Paris.

So next time you’re shopping for elevated essentials or that special statement piece, turn to The Kooples. Their sexy-meets-chic aesthetic makes getting dressed oo la la ooh la la. Consider yourself a certified expert in this buzzy French fashion house!

Discover sophisticated clothing lines to get the elegant and modern Parisian look at The Kooples.

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