The Iconic Kate Spade Brand: A Timeless Favorite

The Kate Spade New York brand has been a staple in women’s fashion for over 25 years. Known for its fun, feminine aesthetic and iconic Spade logo, Kate Spade continues to be a go-to brand for handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry and home decor.

Founded in 1993 by Kate Spade and her husband Andy, the brand struck a chord with its initial line of modern, utilitarian-chic nylon handbags. Kate Spade’s groundbreaking black nylon bag with the distinctive rectangular label became an instant icon of 90s style. The brand expanded into other accessories and apparel, but handbags remain the core of the Kate Spade image.

Over the years, Kate Spade New York has stayed true to its DNA while evolving with the times. The signature Spade logo, a combination of bold black letters and a red spade image, is still prominently featured. Crisp color palettes, graphic prints and a playful sensibility define the brand’s style. From sturdy leather totes to frilly party purses, Kate Spade offers handbags for every occasion.

In the clothing and jewelry collections, Kate Spade brings its cheerful aesthetic to dresses, tops, pants and sparkling earrings, rings and necklaces. The brand’s home line translates its bright, feminine look into dinnerware, bedding and decor items like vases and photo frames.

While Kate Spade passed away in 2018, her fun, inspiring vision continues to shape the brand. Under the creative direction of Nicola Glass, Kate Spade New York carries on Kate’s legacy while bringing fresh takes on color, design and lifestyle.

Recent standout collections include the spring 2019 “Love Shack Fancy” line, shot at a luxurious upstate New York estate and featuring vintage-inspired dresses and mosaic-print handbags. For fall 2019, ‘The Novelist’s Handbook’ featured bookish motifs and sophisticated tartan prints on ladylike designs.

Kate Spade New York has also increased its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. The brand’s advertising showcases a range of different models, aiming to highlight the multi-faceted nature of the Kate Spade woman. Partnerships with inspiring women like actresses Rachel Brosnahan and Sasha Lane further update Kate Spade’s image.

While honoring its heritage, Kate Spade continues to capture what’s new and now in fashion. Novelty handbag shapes, minimalist jewelry and on-trend shoulder bags reveal a brand in touch with the times. At the same time, Kate Spade retains the DNA that makes it a go-to label for crisp color, playful femininity and It-girl style.

Beyond bags and clothes, Kate Spade New York has expanded into a global, multi-channel lifestyle brand. It is part of Tapestry, Inc., a New York-based house of modern luxury brands. In addition to its 200 specialty stores and outlet locations worldwide, Kate Spade sells online, in major department stores and in retail partnerships.

With its cheerful prints, crisp palettes and sophisticated yet playful aesthetic, the Kate Spade New York brand remains a beloved icon. For over two decades, Kate Spade has influenced modern fashion with its joyful spirit and feminine style. Staying relevant while retaining its signature DNA, this is a lifestyle brand built to last. The iconic Spade logo continues to charm and delight lovers of chic, colorful, whimsical style worldwide. Kate Spade’s enduring vision keeps this iconic New York brand at the heart of fashion’s future.

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