Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch at Amazon

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch (Updated)

Embark on a Thrilling 3D Odyssey to Rescue Peach from Bowser’s Twisted Wedding Plot

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch at Amazon

Blast off on an intergalactic quest to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s bizarre wedding plans in Super Mario Odyssey, a globe-trotting 3D adventure packed with outrageous worlds to explore.

Join Mario as he travels to mind-bending realms far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom to track down his kidnapped princess bride-to-be. With his new sidekick Cappy by his side, Mario gains phenomenal abilities to scour these expansive kingdoms for Power Moons – mysterious artifacts needed to fuel his spaceship, the Odyssey.

Master Mario’s radical moves like throwing Cappy to grab far off objects, bouncing to new heights off Cappy mid-air, and “capturing” enemies and objects to gain unique powers. Possess a fireball to launch yourself at enemies. Take over a frog to make ridiculously high jumps over obstacles. The possibilities are staggeringly endless.

From the skyscraper jungles of New Donk City to the Day of the Dead-inspired plazas of the Metro Kingdom, immerse yourself in environments radically different from the typical grasslands and lava fortresses of Mario’s world. Interact with these landscapes in crazy ways – from cruising around in a scooter to playing jump rope with mummies.

Keep your eyes peeled in every nook and cranny for Power Moons that unlock new kingdoms and costumes. And watch out for familiar baddies like Chain Chomps and Koopa Troopas guarding the goods.

Can Mario foil Bowser’s wedding plot and rescue Peach from their unwilling vows? Guide him on this intergalactic journey to planetary liberation and enjoy gameplay innovations that reinvent the possibilities of Mario forever. The Odyssey awaits – it’s time for a 3D Mario adventure like you’ve never experienced before!

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