Norris Nuts

Have you heard of the Norris Nuts? They’re one of the most popular family YouTube channels out there, with over 3.5 million subscribers tuning in to follow the adventures of Aussie siblings Sabre, Sockie, Biggy, and Naz.

I first stumbled across the Norris Nuts a couple years ago when a YouTube recommendation popped up and I just had to click. I mean, “We Broke a World Record with Pancakes Challenge”? Who could resist watching that? I was immediately hooked and fascinated by this quirky, talented family from Newcastle, Australia.

The channel originally started back in 2014 under the name The Norris Nuts Do Stuff. It featured the two older sisters, Sabre and Sockie, doing gymnastics and acrobatics together. Sabre was already gaining attention for her skateboarding skills at a young age. The videos were cute, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Things really started taking off when younger siblings Biggy and Naz joined in on the fun a couple years later. The family vlogs and comedy videos showcasing all four kids’ personalities launched them into major YouTube stardom. They rebranded to the simpler “Norris Nuts” name and the rest is history!

So who exactly are the Norris Nut kids and what makes them so entertaining? Well, let’s start with the oldest, Sabre. She’s now 17 and definitely the tomboy and daredevil of the bunch. Sabre is insanely talented on her skateboard. We’re talking skating down huge hills, landing scary jumps, and even successes in competitions. She’s also become known for her love of surfing and close friendship with fellow surfer champion Turpel.

Next up is 15-year-old Sockie. She brings the girl power, serving as a bit of a big-sis role model for younger viewers. Sockie is a gifted dancer and gymnast, and seems to be the fashionista of the family. She adds a touch of glam and style to their videos. Her makeup tutorials and clothing hauls are fun to watch!

The lone boy of the Norris Nuts is 11-year-old Biggy. He’s gained a reputation as the energetic prankster of the group who always keeps things interesting. Biggy will eat just about any weird food combo you throw at him and is constantly seen chomping on something in their videos. He’s just an amusing, mischievous kid!

And we can’t forget the baby of the family, 8-year-old Naz! She’s grown up so much since first appearing in videos as a toddler. Naz adds loads of sass and cuteness to the channel. She loves gymnastics like her sister Sockie, but also has a goofy, drama-queen personality that shines in their comedy skits.

Together, the four Norris siblings just have amazing chemistry as brothers and sisters. Their playful banter and adventures make for really fun vlogs to experience. Some of my favorite Norris Nuts videos are their crazy challenge videos like slime challenges, hide and seek in stores, dance challenges, and other wacky games that show off their creativity.

Of course, we can’t talk about the Norris Nuts without mentioning their rockstar mom, Brooke. Brooke is a total supermom! Not only does she raise and manage four kids under one roof, but she also films, produces, and edits all their YouTube videos as well. She’s always upbeat and keeps the laughs going. Brooke is so supportive of all their talents – whether it’s prepping elaborate pancake mixes for Sabre or helping Naz practice her moves.

Together, the Norris Nuts have created one of the largest family channels on YouTube. Beyond video views, they also have major followings on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Back in 2019, they decided to take things to the next level by starting a band together called… guessed it…..the Norris Nuts!

Their first single “So Different Yet So Similar” was a bop if you ask me. It showed off their skills beyond just being funny YouTube stars. Naz and Sockie can seriously sing! Since then, they’ve continued releasing original music as a family. They even had a concert tour across Australia back in 2021.

On top of their social media success, the Norris Nuts have scored brand deals with companies like UNICEF, Telstra, and Lego. Lego actually sponsored them to build a giant Norris Nuts dream house with over 3,000 Lego bricks! How cool would that be to play in?

It’s been amazing watching them thrive over the years into this bonafide Internet family. They now have an empire of merchandise, books, music videos, and even mobile games. Oh, and get this – they starred in their own TV show called Champ Squad where they traveled around competing in various challenges. Is there anything the Norris Nuts can’t do?

When it comes down to it, I think the Norris Nuts have won over so many fans because they’re a totally relatable family. Despite their fame, they still have sibling spats, fun vacations, and just ordinary daily moments like any family. Except – you know – their ordinary involves world records, ROCKING tunes, and millions of adoring fans!

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