New Balance: The Independent Sneaker Brand Making Strides for Over 100 Years

Known for footwear engineered for performance and comfort, New Balance has been a trusted sneaker brand since the early 1900s. Its commitment to domestic manufacturing, technical innovation and timeless style cemented New Balance as a leader across generations.

New Balance origins trace back to the 1910s in Massachusetts, where British immigrant William J. Riley founded a company making arch supports and other orthopedic shoes. His niche products laid New Balance’s foundation for footwear that supports and protects.

By the time Jim Davis purchased the business in 1972, New Balance evolved into a specialized athletic shoe brand focused on fit, stability and comfort. While rivals moved offshore, New Balance committed to US manufacturing and quality materials.

This mission to support athletes through quality drove innovation. In 1978, New Balance debuted the 990, the first ever $100 running shoe. Its technology set new standards for performance footwear engineering.

Constant research and development produced game-changing shoe lines like the 990v5 using 3D printing for responsiveness. New Balance maintains over 110 domestic manufacturing facilities to control the process.

Beyond performance, classic New Balance models like the 574 evolved into lifestyle staples. Their timeless styling creates sneakers at home in the streets as on the field. This versatility resonates across demographics.

Collaborations also drive hype, from New Balance x Staud’s fashionable takes on retro silhouettes to New Balance x Casablanca’s bold, futuristic offerings. New Balance keeps classics fresh.

In addition to footwear, New Balance expanded into apparel that performs as hard as its shoes. Technical fabrics, strategic seaming and sport-specific features make clothes ideal for athletes.

With global headquarters still based in Boston, New Balance retains local ties and community presence. The brand stays committed to US manufacturing and partners with regional material suppliers.

After 110 years, New Balance continues putting excellence into every detail. While trends come and go, New Balance endures through integrity to quality, innovation and heritage craftsmanship.

From arch supports to technical sneakers, New Balance shoes empower peak performance and bold style since the early 1900s. This brand keeps strides strong for the next generation.

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