Longines: Elegant Swiss Watchmaking Since 1832

Renowned for winged hourglass logo and equestrian roots, Longines timepieces capture enduring Swiss elegance and performance. For over 185 years, Longines has pioneered watchmaking while retaining its signature refinement.

Founded in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines has a legacy integrating tradition with innovation. Early awards at world fairs positioned Longines as a pioneer, producing watches with chronometric precision.

This spirit of innovation continued into the 20th century. In 1912, Longines released one of the world’s first quadruple calendar moon phase displays. The technology, design and accuracy of early Longines cemented its reputation.

While innovative, Longines also drew inspiration from its heritage. Equestrian sports timing instruments honed the brand’s accuracy. The winged hourglass emblem paid homage to these roots with Pegasus imagery.

Longines timepieces aimed to balance elegance and performance. Movements featuring technical feats fit smoothly into refined, slender profiles. This seamless blend characterized the Longines aesthetic.

Throughout the 20th century, Longines cemented its reputation by serving as Official Timekeeper for equestrian events and championships worldwide. The brand continued advancing timekeeping technologies.

That innovative spirit continues today. Longines remains the Official Partner of the FEI and timing partner for events like Prix de Genève. This global presence spotlights Longines’ continuous progress.

From early chronographs to today’s quartz movements, Longines constantly innovates. Yet certain codes remain, like the winged hourglass, Roman numeral dials and blue steel hands. A respect for heritage anchors this forward momentum.

Contemporary collections underscore this balance of timeless elegance and modernity. The Record collection sets its subtle dials within a strong steel case, conveying classic qualities through a contemporary lens.

The Longines Master embodies this seamless fusion of old and new. Classic chronograph styling meets high-tech materials like silicone and exclusive L688 column wheel movements in profilesslim enough to slide under a shirt cuff.

From historic Saint-Imier, Longines now reaches worldwide as part of the Swatch Group, sharing its watchmaking excellence globally. True to its origins, Longines retains refined sophistication across price points.

With enduring Swiss precision inside and timeless elegance outside, Longines watches resonate across eras. Whether an early 20th century vintage model or today’s diamond Masterpiece, Longines crafts elegance built to last.

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