Longchamp Paris: Quintessential French Leather Goods Since 1948

With its iconic nylon Le Pliage totes and equestrian-inspired leather pieces, Longchamp encapsulates French style and craftsmanship. For over 70 years, this Parisian maison has created luxury leather goods marked by quality, creativity and joyful spirit.

Founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp origins trace to a small Paris leather workshop. Early designs took inspiration from the equestrian world, using innovative leather treatments like tanning, smoothing, and waterproofing.

Efficiency and functionality defined these first Longchamp leather creations. Post-war women needed practical, durable accessories. Early successes like the Roseau bag, still iconic today, embodied this.

In the 1970s, Jean Cassegrain’s son Philippe expanded Longchamp into new product categories and international markets. More boutiques opened worldwide to bring the Longchamp lifestyle to new audiences.

Yet it was the 1993 debut of the Le Pliage bag that forever changed Longchamp’s trajectory. The simple nylon tote with leather handles became an instant hit for its practicality and Parisian style.

Le Pliage, meaning “the fold” in French, got its name from an origami-like construction allowing the bag to fold up when not in use. Water-resistant nylon and a snapping leather flap kept contents protected.

Available in vibrant colors with customization options, Le Pliage became a phenomenon. By 2009, over 32 million Le Pliage bags were sold worldwide. Now an icon of French girl style, it’s Longchamp’s bestselling product.

However, Longchamp creates more than just nylon bags. Building on its leather expertise, Longchamp’s handbag collections marry tradition with whimsy across structured satchels, fold-over shoulder totes, and embossed hobos.

Smooth calfskin and embossed leathers bring luxury texture. Details like bamboo handles, sleek hardware and suede contrast trims enhance modern and vintage-inspired silhouettes. Seasonal capsule collections add excitement.

Beyond bags, Longchamp crafts small leather goods, shoes, sunglasses and ready-to-wear apparel that capture its Parisian spirit. Travel goods like luggage and passport holders increase the brand’s lifestyle reach.

By balancing heritage with innovation, Longchamp expanded worldwide while retaining its French essence of refinement and joy. The family-owned business still operates from Paris after over 70 years.

As both a globally recognized brand and hidden gem, Longchamp continues inspiring loyalty across generations. Timeless leather craftsmanship meets playful Parisian charm at this iconic French maison.

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