Links of London: Modern Heirloom Jewelry Blending Innovation and Craftsmanship

Beloved for its modern heirloom quality designs, Links of London has been a leading British jewelry brand for over 30 years. By blending innovation with expert craftsmanship, Links creates fine jewelry with playful, contemporary edge.

Founded in London in 1990, Links of London was one of the first jewelry brands focused on creating fine, Sterling silver pieces the young professional could enjoy. While precious, the designs felt fresh and youthful.

Links inverted norms by using Sterling silver for the entire piece rather than accents only.Pairing this with unconventional shapes and finishes, Links made precious metals accessible. Their bold identity resonated, propelling Links’ rapid expansion.

Today Links retains this innovative use of precious metals and gemstones. Sterling silver remains a brand staple, with collections showcasing everything from polished silver to oxidized and nautical-inspired textures.

Links also utilizes ethically-sourced gold and diamonds within accessible price points. Everyday luxury defines Links style, like the diamond favorite Sweetie bracelet or bestselling Gold Plated Narrative bracelets.

In addition to precious metals, Links embraces innovative materials like vulcanized rubber and liquid acrylic alongside sapphires in their cutting-edge designs. Yet traditional British craftsmanship anchors each avant-garde piece.

Links of London’s in-house design team hand sketches every concept to maintain their signature aesthetic. At the Kent workshop, artisans cast, set stones, polish and finish each design start to finish. Every Links creation fuses imagination with expert skill.

The iconic Links of London Sweetie collection spawned a devotion still strong today. Customers embraced the organic Heart shape with recognizable sterling oval inspired by the British sweet. Personalization options created a signature collectible.

Building on this success, Links expanded into peelableRainbow, nautical-inspired Ocean, sleek Carved, and neon-bright Neon jewels. Varied aesthetics give Links wide appeal while retaining brand DNA.

Collaborations also drive excitement, like a sterling collection with the Royal Horticultural Society. Links even designed the medals for the 2012 London Olympics, blending heritage and innovation.

Today Links of London operates flagships worldwide from the UK to Singapore and counting. However, each Links piece still reflects the brand’s London origins through crafted quality and irreverent charm.

At 30 years strong, Links of London continues reinventing fine jewelry for the contemporary buyer. By blending tradition with imagination, Links creates modern heirlooms designed to stack, layer and treasure forever.

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