Laird Hatters: Creating Timeless, Handcrafted Hats Since 1922

For a century, Laird Hatters has upheld the tradition of premium hat making. This family-owned business handcrafts timeless fedoras, caps, cloches and more using techniques perfected over generations.

Founded in 1922 by Scottish immigrant William Laird, the company originated as a custom hat shop in New Jersey. Laird drew on centuries-old hat making skills from Europe to shape fine hats from the highest quality materials.

Expert craftsmanship and timeless style built the reputation that still defines Laird Hatters today. The company remains in family hands, with the fourth generation now guiding operations. Only the finest materials from around the world make it into Laird’s Perth Amboy factory.

At Laird, hats progress slowly through over 100 steps from raw materials to finished products. Skilled artisans shape wool felt hoods by hand, bringing the hat gradually into form through steaming and smoothing. Only after multiple rounds of smoothing does the true hat shape emerge.

The slow process and handcrafting allow the fit and style of each hat to evolve organically. Artisans individually size and customize each hat for a signature look and personalized fit. Every Laird hat reflects the care and expertise honed over a century.

Beyond customized craftsmanship, Laird selects only the finest materials. 100% beaver felt from Europe gets hand-worked into wool hoods. Silks from Switzerland, leathers from France, and grosgrain from Italy become inner trimmings. These quality components become investments that endure for decades.

Laird’s meticulous construction also makes the hats long-lasting. Durable stitching and waterproofing create hats built to withstand years of wear. With proper care, Laird hats become lifelong companions only improving with age.

The slow process means Laird produces hats in small batches versus mass production. Each piece receives personalized attention, guaranteeing the brand’s benchmark quality. This dedication to tradition has kept Laird the finest custom hatmaker in America.

Styles range from classic men’s fedoras like the Madison and Lombardi to trendy pork pie hats and women’s headers. Customers can customize with exclusive leathers, bands, feathers and linings for a signature look. Each hat gets inspected and hand-finished before shipping worldwide.

In addition to its factory store, Laird sells through select authorized retailers to maintain brand standards. Custom corporate and private custom hat services allow adding logo insignias for promo items and uniforms. Laird also restores and cleans beloved vintage hats to extend their lifespan.

True to its heritage, Laird Hatters continues handcrafting hats worthy of the family name. By sticking to traditional techniques and materials, Laird maintains the quality and customization that cannot be replicated by machines.

As fashions change, Laird endures by providing timeless style and unparalleled craftsmanship. Much like a treasured timepiece, a Laird hat demonstrates masterful attention to detail that never goes out of style.

For 100 years across four generations, Laird Hatters has maintained authentic American craftsmanship. These lasting hats represent a passion for skill and service that will continue being passed down for the next century to come.

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