Lacoste: The Iconic Crocodile Brand Known for Timeless Style

With its famous crocodile logo, Lacoste has become one of the most recognizable apparel and lifestyle brands worldwide. For over 85 years, Lacoste has been synonymous with polished, timeless style.

Lacoste’s origins trace back to 1933 France and tennis star René Lacoste. Nicknamed “the Crocodile” for his tenacity on the courts, Lacoste partnered with friend André Gillier to establish a high-performance, comfortable polo shirt.

The iconic Lacoste polo featured structured cotton piqué fabric with a ribbed collar and button placket. The short sleeve length allowed freedom of movement for athletic pursuits like tennis.

Most iconic was the embroidered crocodile logo on the left breast, an enduring symbol of Lacoste’s roots. Available in tasteful colors like white, green and blue, the Lacoste polo became a staple for its sporty simplicity.

Beyond tennis whites, Lacoste expanded into other polos, shirts, outerwear, shoes, belts, eyewear and more for men, women and children. The crocodile logo stamped each garment with the Lacoste reputation for quality and timelessness.

Staying true to its tennis DNA, Lacoste clothes balance tailored lines with comfort and performance. Fabrics like cotton piqué breathe and move freely. Athletic influences like tipped collars and sweatshirt fleeces blend preppy polish with sporty ease.

The signature Lacoste crocodile remains an icon, but the brand periodically refreshes its collections with updated colors, prints and shapes. Collaborations with modern artists and brands like Supreme introduce new interpretations of this heritage logo.

Under creative director Louise Trotter, Lacoste preserves its core identity while feeling relevant. Vintage tennis influences blend seamlessly with modern luxury streetwear like oversized polos, cropped track jackets and logo baseball caps.

Beyond apparel, Lacoste licenses its logo to a range of lifestyle products. Home goods like bedding and towels feature the embroidered croc. Leather goods, watches, fragrances and more extend this iconic brand’s reach.

Lacoste also champions tennis and innovation through partnerships. As the Official Outfitter of the French Open and other tournaments, Lacoste sustains its athletic heritage. The brand also advances fabrics and designs through sports partnerships.

From the courts to the streets, Lacoste remains recognizable by its crocodile emblem. However, the brand also prioritizes protecting this living symbol. Through conservation efforts, Lacoste helps safeguard vulnerable crocodile habitats worldwide.

With its French roots and worldwide fame, Lacoste operates over 1,500 boutiques globally. However, the brand remains committed to quality over quantity. Careful distribution keeps Lacoste in high-end department stores versus saturating the market.

Through 85 years, across generations, Lacoste stays relevant because of authenticity. The brand honors its history while feeling fresh thanks to modern style. Timeless and deliberately accessible luxury for all keeps Lacoste popular today.

With its renowned crocodile logo, Lacoste occupies a unique space between athletic apparel and everyday style. Polished yet sporty, precise yet comfortable, this iconic French brand continues leading with timeless design and innovative performance.

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