Kit and Ace: Technical Cashmere Essentials for Everyday Life

Combining the softness of cashmere with the performance of technical fabrics, Kit and Ace creates elevated essentials for life on the move. Founded in 2014 by the family behind Lululemon, this Canadian brand blends luxury with functionality.

The concept for Kit and Ace emerged from a desire for stylish, versatile clothes to wear from dawn to dusk. Dressing for work, travel, errands and everything in between demands pieces that seamlessly transition. Kit and Ace clothes blend comfort and performance to keep up with life’s pace.

At the core of the collection is Kit and Ace’s proprietary fabric cashmere. This machine-washable textile fuses natural cashmere with synthetic fibers to retain softness while preventing pilling. Stretch provides ease and shape retention.

Cashmere fabric offers versatility across the Kit and Ace line. Sweaters, cardigans, tops and bottoms transition through casual weekends to busy work weeks. Easy silhouettes in black, gray and navy suit multi-tasking needs.

Beyond cashmere, Kit and Ace infuses technical performance into natural fabrics. Wool-cashmere blend outerwear resists wrinkles on the go. Cotton tees feature four-way stretch for a body-skimming silhouette. Linen shirts woven with spandex move with you while repelling stains.

These fabrics capture Kit and Ace’s “romance and science” design ethos. Luxurious cashmere and organic cotton offer indulgent softness. The addition of technical properties enables all-day endurance, ease and durability.

With its blend of style and function, Kit and Ace fills a niche for clothes that multitask as efficiently as the wearer. Pieces transition from work meetings to errands to date nights with little effort. A sleek yet relaxed aesthetic matches the modern urban lifestyle.

Kit and Ace also infuses innovation into everyday item upgrades. Socks knit with silver fibers banish odors naturally. Leggings made with Italian brushed fabric feel like a second skin. 3D seamless underwear prevents chafing during constant motion.

Even leisurewear gets an upgrade, with cashmere sweatpants and hoodies that feel like luxury. Travel clothing includes wrinkle-free blazers, moisture-wicking tees and stretch jeggings. From gym to airplane and beyond, Kit and Ace anticipates needs.

The brand’s focus on technical textiles resonates with savvy, modern consumers. By making advanced performance wearable for everyday, Kit and Ace fills a gap in functional fashion essentials. Pieces balance purpose with refined, minimalist aesthetics.

From its start in Vancouver, Kit and Ace has expanded to a global operation with stores in Canada, the US, UK and Australia. The brand also sells online worldwide, enabling 24/7 access to its tech-cashmere essentials.

Kit and Ace continues advancing everyday wear through innovation. Machine-washable wool, temperature-regulating natural fabrics and stain-repellent finishes transform wardrobe basics into multitasking essentials. Technical luxury fabrics create closet mainstays perfect for life in motion.

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