Kipling Bags: Functional Fashion for Life on the Go

Known for its monkeys and versatile bags, the Kipling brand has been a favorite for on-the-move style since 1987. Combining functionality, bold prints and pouches galore, Kipling creates bags that are perfect accessories for life in motion.

Kipling began by designing functional yet stylish handbags suited for adventuring across the globe. The Belgium-based brand drew inspiration from the lush jungles of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book stories. Kipling’s iconic monkey mascot epitomized the sense of fun and exploration the bags aimed to capture.

Durable fabrics like crinkled nylon formed the foundation for early Kipling bestsellers like the Alvar and Osaka. Lightweight and wrinkle-resistant, these bags kept their structure during travels near and far. Oversized zippers ensured durability and easy access.

While practical, Kipling bags also possessed personality thanks to the monkey logo. Playful prints and keychains added flair. Inside, numerous pockets and compartments kept essentials organized but close at hand.

Beyond backpacks and shoulder bags, Kipling offered gadget cases, satchels, duffles and more to round out its collection. The brand quickly gained popularity for offering a bag for every occasion.

In recent years, Kipling has expanded beyond its travel bag roots to become a global accessories lifestyle brand. Under the creative direction of Cindy-Linh Roscoe, Kipling’s style has progressed to reflect its growing fanbase.

The classic Kipling monkey sticks around, but sometimes surrenders the spotlight to newer animal mascots like cats, elephants and puppies. Prints draw inspiration from tropical beaches, bohemian textiles, abstract watercolors and the natural landscape.

Silhouettes shift from sporty backpacks to fashionable crossbodies with tassels, embroidered patchwork and plush fur trims. Quilting and subtle logo patterns elevate basics like totes and hobos. While still practical, Kipling bags take on a distinctly feminine, contemporary aesthetic.

New lines like the Seoul Go collection reflect an expanded, elevated style ideal. A muted color palette and structured shapes provide understated elegance for the urban commuter. The Iconic Kipling DNA remains through fold-out pouches and removable straps.

Beyond bags, Kipling offers a full lifestyle collection. Accessories like hats, scarves, wallets and keychains allow customers to coordinate head to toe. Travel essentials include luggage tags, neck pillows and passport holders. Cute Kipling monkeys adorn pajamas, backpacks, and accessories for kids as well.

Through an exclusive line created just for India, Kipling also provides luxury handbags crafted of exquisite leathers, silks and embellishments. This capsule allows increased versatility within the global Kipling community.

From its monkey mascot to its iconic prints, Kipling retains brand trademarks as it evolves. By balancing fashion-forward styling with functional details, Kipling continues creating bags designed to go anywhere. Durable fabrics withstand daily use while trendy silhouettes and colors stay on point.

With its expanding community worldwide, Kipling offers chic, practical accessories for life in motion. From stylish backpacks to fashionable crossbodies, Kipling bags keep you prepared wherever the journey takes you.

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