Holland & Barrett: Leading the Way in Natural Wellness for Over 145 Years

With over 145 years of experience in natural health, Holland & Barrett remains Britain’s premier wellness retailer. Since 1870, it has empowered generations to live healthier lifestyles through natural supplements, foods and beauty products.

What began as a small shop selling herbal remedies in Manchester is now Europe’s largest health food chain with over 1,300 stores. But while Holland & Barrett has evolved into a wellness powerhouse, its founding beliefs in the power of nature remain unchanged.

Holland & Barrett offers Europe’s widest range of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Brands like Optimum Nutrition, Live Friendly Bacteria and Starpowa give customers high-quality wellness essentials. Their extensive varieties of iron, vitamin D, probiotics and more support targeted health needs.

The company also partners with innovative health brands to exclusively launch products in stores. Examples include Symprove probiotic drinks, hair supplement Hairburst, and vegan protein bars from Yfood. By constantly sourcing and evaluating the latest natural products, Holland & Barrett provides customers cutting-edge wellness solutions.

Yet Holland & Barrett does more than simply sell supplements. Their in-store naturopathic advisors help customers tailor programs to enhance lifestyle, diet and long-term health. Personalized wellness plans, health screenings and same-day delivery make achieving health goals easy.

The Holland & Barrett website offers further support through wellness guides, recipes and personalized advice. Customers can conveniently shop online 24/7 for next-day home delivery of all their supplements and natural health products.

Alongside supplements, Holland & Barrett stocks health-conscious groceries, natural beauty items and eco-friendly household products. Brands include Faith in Nature shampoos, Live Friendly cleaning sprays, and Manuka Doctor skincare. These quality natural products make maintaining a non-toxic home simple.

Holland & Barrett also operates over 800 stores across Europe and Asia, including their Nature’s Universe brand in Singapore. This extensive international presence allows exporting British wellness expertise worldwide.

While expanding globally, Holland & Barrett retains close community ties. All UK stores offer an NHS staff discount to support healthcare heroes. Student discounts make natural health affordable for the next generation.

By staying true to its natural roots while embracing innovation, Holland & Barrett empowers people to transform their wellbeing. For over 145 years, this wellness pioneer has helped millions lead healthier, happier lives naturally. Holland & Barrett looks forward to serving wellness seekers for the next 145 years and beyond.

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