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Against the Elements: How Helly Hansen Became the Pinnacle of Performance Outerwear

When facing the harshest environments on earth, reliability means survival. For over 140 years, Helly Hansen has quipped explorers, workers and adventurers to thrive in the elements. Through relentless innovation, purposeful design and high-performance materials, the Norwegian brand pioneered lifesaving technologies that filtered down to become today’s outdoor gear standards. Helly Hansen imbues protection with style by never losing sight of human resilience against storms, waves or mountain cold.

Helly Hansen’s founder Captain Helly Juell Hansen launched the company in 1877 to supply hardened ocean-ready gear for sailors and fishermen braving the treacherous Scandinavian seas. Using novel materials like linseed oil-treated cloth, Captain Hansen’s waterproof oilskin jackets set new standards in weather protection. The Captain’s own sea journeys became testing grounds for constant improvements.

In the early 1900’s, Helly Hansen outfitted intrepid polar explorers like Roald Amundsen and his historic South Pole expedition. Technical breakthroughs like windproof ventile fabric and the first modern fleece helped them survive the Antarctic cold. As Helly Hansen pushed boundaries of innovation, their products gained a reputation as essential gear for the planet’s extremes.

Post World War II, Helly Hansen expanded into general outdoor wear, carrying over their insights working with professionals. Their sailing, skiing and mountaineering apparel quickly gained appeal combining high-tech performance, bold style and outstanding comfort. Novel coats like the Buoy Jacket with rubberized linen became coveted worldwide.

Today, Helly Hansen supplies apparel for land and sea spanning everyday, sport and workwear contexts. Their professional grade gear protects industrial workers and emergency crews. Yet their technical DNA also infuses lifestyle designs tailored for urban use. Across collections, Helly Hansen constructs clothing to safeguard lives without sacrificing mobility or style.

At Helly Hansen’s core remains a dedication to pioneering technologies that redefine what’s possible against the elements. Their 1970’s Lifa fabric revolutionized moisture wicking and lasted over 40 years. LIFA AIR revolutionized ventilation in base layers and jackets. H2Flow temperature regulation and waterproof/breathable shells make foul weather feel effortless. Premium materials feel almost alive, flowing with the body.

Equally important is how Helly Hansen fuses performance and aesthetics. Whether through vivid patterns, playful logos or sleek silhouettes, their apparel performs double duty as urban fashion statements. Collaborations with designers like Alexander Wang and OFF-WHITE keep Helly Hansen’s image fresh and forward-looking. Protection, style and confidence go hand in hand.

Looking ahead, Helly Hansen draws on their heritage of human resilience as environmental conditions grow more extreme. Their technical know-how protects those braving uncertainty so they can achieve their best. And by infusing lifestyle wear with their innovations, anyone can bring high-performance gear into their everyday lives. Helly Hansen empowers perseverance through trying times by shielding what matters most – our human spirit.

For over a century, Helly Hansen has enabled progress by outfitting it. Wherever discovery happens, their technologies overcome environments to realize human potential. That spirit of enabling connections, joy and safety by fighting the elements continues making the HH logo a badge of courage worldwide. Because thanks to Helly Hansen’s protection, the journey remains boundless.

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