Get Your Bricks in Order, We’re Heading to the Lego Store Leicester Square!

If you’re a lifelong Lego lover like me, there’s one place in London you absolutely have to visit – the Lego Store in Leicester Square! Ever since it opened its doors in 2016, this paradise of plastic bricks has been high on my list. I finally got the chance to make the pilgrimage recently, and it exceeded all my building block dreams. Let me take you on a tour of Lego nirvana!

Just stepping inside the store transports you straight into the vibrant, creative world of Lego. I’m talking floor-to-ceiling displays of epic Lego sets, life-size Lego statues of your favorite characters, and more Pick-a-Brick walls than you can imagine! Talk about living out all your brick fantasies in one place.

You definitely can’t miss the massive, 7-meter tall Big Ben replica right at the store’s entrance. It’s constructed from over 200,000 Lego pieces! I couldn’t stop marveling at how they managed to include so many tiny details using nothing but Legos. There’s even a mini London skyline built right into the ground at its base. Simply stunning.

From there, the store is a maze of Lego play zones, building areas, and of course – shelves upon shelves of boxed sets and mini figures to buy. I spent hours browsing and playing with display sets from popular themes like Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes, and everyone’s favorite plastic gangsters, the Lego Minions.

If you’re a real Lego connoisseur, you’ll geek out over the Collectible Minifigure Station. It has EVERY mini figure ever made – over 900 of the little guys! I loved looking for my childhood faves like Lego Batman and the Ninjago crew. Pro tip: Keep an eye out for the exclusive minifigures only sold at the Leicester Square store.

When it comes to actually buying sets, you’ll discover three floors packed with Lego goodies. We’re talking walls of sets, a ‘Pick and Mix’ section to make custom minifigure mashups, and even hard-to-find collections. I spotted Lego Ideas sets, nostalgic 90s themes, and limited edition exclusives I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Now, as fun as it is to shop, the real magic of this store happens when you take time to build. Believe me, with all the building zones, events, and interactives – you could easily spend an entire day just playing here. Where do I even begin?

The Lego Nexo Knights castle play zone on the lower floor is a must for young medieval fans. My niece had a blast playing royal knight amongst all the brick castles and characters. Bonus – you can get help building from the store’s Lego retail staff, who are basically professional master builders!

Up on the second floor, you’ll discover tons of interactive build challenges and games. At the Lego Friends pop star stage, we got to build our own musical instruments like guitars and keyboards. Then we performed our original “songs” on the play stage!

But the highlight just has to be stepping into the simulated world of Ninjago The Island. This digital play experience uses motion tracking technology to bring your physical Lego builds to life on a giant digital screen. It was crazy cool to see the ninja warrior I built with bricks come alive and race around the Island environment. The future of play is here!

Before leaving, I made one final stop that is a must for true Lego die-hards – the aptly named Fan Store. It’s filled with collectible merch, apparel, and super exclusive sets you won’t find anywhere else. I’m talking limited edition Lego Icons sets, commemorative Lego-themed watches, and displays of rare vintage Lego from the 60s and 70s!

I ended up leaving the store with my wallet considerably lighter, but my spirit bursting with Lego joy. Exploring the endless brick creations and interactive experiences showed me what an amazing community and culture Lego has built around imagination and play. Now I can’t wait to start planning my next pilgrimage to the plastic brick mecca that is the Lego Store Leicester Square!

So fellow brick lovers, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re eight or eighty, the Lego Store Leicester Square promises a day of nostalgic fun and creativity. Just be sure to come ready to play, build, and unlock your inner master builder! The only limit is your imagination.

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