Experience Playful British Eccentricity with Ted Baker

Known for fusing classic British style with quirky details, Ted Baker brings a touch of eclectic personality to clothing and accessories. Founded in Glasgow in 1988, the brand has grown into a global lifestyle empire while retaining its signature irreverent charm. Read on to discover the wonderfully unconventional world of Ted Baker.

The Ted Baker Origin Story

Ted Baker was launched in Glasgow in 1988 by Ray Kelvin who sought to create clothing with attention-grabbing twists like distinctive inner-collar prints. He opened the first Ted Baker store in 1995 on London’s King’s Road, eventually expanding worldwide while operating as CEO and Creative Director until 2019. Ted Baker continues to channel Kelvin’s eccentric aesthetic across menswear, womenswear, kids and more.

Unmistakable Details

It’s the unexpected details that make Ted Baker design stand out. Peeked collars and cuffs printed with signature patterns surprise when layered under jackets. Women’s blouses incorporate romantic flourishes like ruffles and bows with modern silhouettes. Playful embroidered accents and appliqués transform basics into witty wardrobe additions. These personality-filled touches channel the brand’s unconventional essence.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Collections

In addition to their famous apparel, Ted Baker offers collections covering every facet of life. Accessories like footwear, jewelry, scarves and bags complement outfits with whimsical embellishments. The Teddy Baker children’s line brings the brand’s lighthearted style to kids. Homewares like bedding, kitchenware and decor feature Ted Baker’s signature prints. Even dogs can get in on the fun with Ted’s pet accessories range!

The Immersive In-Store Experience

While Ted Baker can be shopped online and in department stores, their own boutiques truly immerse you in the brand’s playful DNA. Stores feature imaginative design elements like floral wallpaper, vintage-style furniture and bookshelves lined with curiosities that reflect the whimsical aesthetic. Try on the complete head-to-toe looks to fully experience Ted Baker’s unconventional styling.

Ted Baker brings wit and eccentric charm to modern British fashion and lifestyle collections. Visit their stores or shop online to discover everyday pieces transformed into something delightfully extraordinary. Let Ted Baker’s lighthearted touches infuse your wardrobe and home with a dose of cheerful personality.

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