The Ever-Popular Emma Bridgewater Mugs: Adding Joy and Whimsy to Your Day (Updated)

Emma Bridgewater’s charming, handmade pottery has been brightening kitchens and cupboards across the UK and beyond for over 30 years. Founded in 1985 by the ceramicist Emma Bridgewater and her husband Matthew Rice, the Stoke-on-Trent company is best known for its polka dotty sprigged designs, distinctive motifs, and classic mug shapes.

With their signature embossed rims, slightly wonky hand-painted patterns, and old-fashioned country cottage vibes, Emma Bridgewater mugs have developed an enthusiastic, loyal following. They’ve also become iconic British designs – the polka dot mug, for example, is instantly recognizable as an Emma Bridgewater original.

Part of an Emma Bridgewater mug’s widespread appeal is that the designs work with virtually any decor or color scheme. The neutral backgrounds and whimsical accents bring a touch of classic English eccentricity and relaxed cottagecore style to any kitchen shelf or coffee table.

From traditional florals to mod polka dots and pops of vibrant color, there’s an Emma Bridgewater mug to match your taste and personality. Let’s explore some of their latest bestselling mugs and cup designs that are sure to brighten up your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Pheasant Motif Mugs and Cups

One of Emma Bridgewater’s newer additions, the charming pheasant motif mugs, cups, and teapots have quickly become customer favorites. The collection features playful pheasant sketches in Emma’s signature folksy style, with colorful birds adorning mugs in varied shapes and sizes.

Choose from mustard yellow and sage green accents on a cream porcelain background, or go for bold cobalt blue and red combos. In addition to regular mugs holding around 12 ounces, there are generously sized tankards, cappuccino cups with saucers, espresso cups, and teapots for when you want to host a full-on Emma Bridgewater tea party.

The unique pheasant motif brings a fun, whimsical touch to a traditional cottagecore aesthetic. Plus, the mugs stack beautifully together on open shelves to create a coordinated collection that brings the English countryside to you.

Pink Roses Mug

Dainty painted pink roses adorn this customer favorite mug and mug-and-saucer set. The soft pink floral print on the creamy white background depicts delicate blooms and leaves for a sweet, romantic vibe.

The pink roses mug comes in both a traditional mug shape as well as more delicate cappuccino cups with coordinating saucers. For an extra cute touch when serving guests, consider collecting the set of four mini pink rose espresso cups. The floral pattern works nicely with Emma Bridgewater’s signature polka dots for a classic pairing.

In addition to mugs, the pink roses design is available on pitchers, teapots, flower pots, plates, and more, so you can create an entire rose-filled tablescape. A mug full of tea sipped from pink roses porcelain is a simple joy.

Red and White Christmas Mugs

Get a head start on next Christmas with Emma Bridgewater’s festive holiday mugs. Choose between the English Cottage and Christmas Wreath designs featuring painted winter berries, holly leaves, and cheerful polka dot detailing.

The mugs offer a more whimsical, fruit-filled take on traditional holiday motifs. Both designs are available with red or green accents to coordinate with your existing Christmas decor and table linens.

In addition to the signature polka dot backgrounds, some of the Christmas mugs feature a cottagecore plaid pattern for extra cozy, fireside drinkware vibes. Break out the Emma Bridgewater holiday mugs on Christmas morning for coffee, hot cocoa, mulled wine, or whatever warm beverage you fancy.

Polka Dotty Alphabet Mug

For the bookworms and word nerds, Emma Bridgewater’s polka dot alphabet mugs add a fun, literary touch. Each wide, oversized mug features hand-painted polka dots, stripes, and one uppercase Typography letter per mug.

Collect the set of 26 alphabet mugs to display on a shelf or create custom messages. Line up your childrens’ initials, spell out quirky phrases, or showcase your favorite book titles. The bold black and white polka dot design ensures each mug stands out while coordinating.

Use the alphabet mugs for your morning coffee or afternoon tea – they’re also perfect for gifting to writer and teacher friends. The letters, dots, and colors lend a retro, almost Dickensian feel.

Pink Hearts Mugs and Teapots

Is there anything happier than a heart print? Emma Bridgewater’s latest heart motif collection takes the sweet pink rose design up a notch. Available on mugs, cups and saucers, teapots, plates, and more, the pink hearts repeat pattern is pure cotton candy joy.

Tiny pink hearts dance across the crisp white porcelain background, with some accented in darker pink and red for depth. While the pink hearts motif exudes classic femininity, the mugs and teapots themselves have a sturdy feel and generous proportions for cozying up with a pot of tea.

In addition to the traditional mugs and teapots, there are pink heart-spangled espresso sets, stacking mugs, and half-pint tankards. Mixing in some polka dot pieces pulls the collection together. Sipping tea from the pink hearts mugs will make you smile every day.

Speckled Hen Mugs and Teapots

No Emma Bridgewater collection would be complete without some chicken motifs, and the speckled hen pattern is one of their latest bestsellers. Friendly-looking hens and roosters are hand-painted in the brand’s signature folk art style, covered in colorful polka dot and heart “speckles.”

The speckled hens bring some farmhouse personality to daily coffee or tea time. In addition to generous 12-ounce mugs, there are taller pint-sized tankards for cocoa, espresso cups for a quick morning jolt, and teapots sized for 1-2 servings.

Mix the chicken mugs and teapots in with florals and other patterns for lots of farmhouse character. The speckled hens and roosters pair nicely with solids and polka dots too. Sipping from a speckled hen mug feels like a fun conversation piece for breakfast guests or afternoon catch-ups with friends.

Blackberry and Butterfly Mugs and Teapots

If you love Emma Bridgewater’s hand-painted motifs but want something a little more sophisticated, check out the new blackberry and butterfly pattern. It has all the charm of traditional cottagecore floral designs but feels fresher and more modern.

Sketched trailing blackberries, leaves, and pretty butterflies dance across mugs, teapots, and crockery in black, sage green, and a deep berry-stained purple. The neutral color palette gives this pattern an elegant, almost Mediterranean feel for sipping espresso on the veranda.

In addition to regular mugs and teapots, the blackberry and butterfly motif is available in taller tankard shapes, cappuccino cups, and half-pint mugs. Round serving platters also allow you to carry the fruity theme to afternoon tea time or dessert. It’s a chic motif for plant lovers, gardeners, and butterfly fans.

Carrot Cottage Mugs

Tap into quintessential Emma Bridgewater cottagecore with their hand-painted carrot cottage mugs and cups. The mugs depict a charming village scene, with tiny painted cottages interspersed with garden plots, carrot tops, and winding paths.

The carrot tops and cream, sage, and brown color scheme give off an earthy, rustic aesthetic that feels charmingly old-fashioned and uniquely British. In addition to traditional coffee mugs, the carrot cottage pattern is available on teapots, pitchers, half-pint tankards, and demitasse espresso cups and saucers.

The carrot cottage design pairs nicely with some of Emma Bridgewater’s signature polka dots and speckles for a cohesive cottage kitchen look. Sipping tea or coffee from an Emma Bridgewater mug feels like taking a mini-vacation to the storybook English countryside.

Parisian Stripes Mugs and Cups

In addition to the signature polka dot pattern, Emma Bridgewater also offers some handmade mugs and cups in chic black and white stripes. The Parisian stripe motif offers a more modern, sophisticated look than some of the floral and cottage motifs.

Available on traditional mugs, cappuccino cups, espresso sets, and teapots, the black and white striped design feels clean and classic. Mix in polka dots, solid colors, or subtle rose prints for contrast. The black and white palette complements any decor.

For Francophiles, bibliophiles, and design lovers, the Parisian stripe mug and cup collection brings a simple yet bold graphic element. The stripes make a smart accent for open shelving and glass-front cabinets. Add a striped teapot and mug to your morning routine for a little dose of Parisian cafe vibes.

Jubilee and Royal Mugs

Join in the festivities honoring Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the British throne with Emma Bridgewater’s special Platinum Jubilee mugs. The limited-edition mugs feature a hand-drawn motif of a crown, roses, ribbons, and corgis – all symbols of Her Majesty.

Choose between a solid sage green or blush pink background with the Jubilee motif in a contrasting accent color. Both are trimmed in lustrous platinum for an extra regal touch. The commemorative mugs will be coveted keepsakes from this historic Royal milestone.

In addition to the Jubilee collection, Emma Bridgewater has an array of mugs and teapots celebrating Britain’s royal family. Icons include the Queen’s beloved Corgis, royal crowns, crests, carriages, soldiers, and more. The pieces feel sophisticated yet still have Emma’s signature whimsy and charm.

Cheerful Birds Mugs

In addition to florals, Emma Bridgewater has expanded their painted motifs to include a menagerie of wildlife. The newest cheerful birds pattern captures colorful songbirds like goldfinches, blue tits, and robins in mid-flight or perched on branches.

Available on mugs, teapots, and cups and saucers, the cheery birds design combines sage greens, sky blues, and robin’s egg tones with neutral creams and polka dots. The birdsong mugs provide a fun, nature-inspired addition to your daily tea or coffee routine.

Mix and match the colors or collect several cheerful birds pieces for eclectic cottagecore character. Sipping from the colorful bird mugs feels like bringing a bit of nature indoors. The charming motifs and nature themes make Emma Bridgewater mugs perfect for gardeners, bird lovers, and eco-minded coffee drinkers.

Polka Dot Coffee and Tea Sets

No Emma Bridgewater collection would be complete without at least one polka dot mug or accessory. The classic polka dot pattern comes in both black dots on white and white dots on black. For optimum versatility, choose the two-tone “Punchbowl” polka dot scheme, which combines both colorways.

In addition to traditional mugs and cups, you can get polka dot patterned teapots, cream and sugar sets, cake stands, plates, pitchers, and more to create a fully coordinated kitchen. Emma Bridgewater also offers polka dot gift sets like the bestselling Polka Dot Cappuccino Cup and Saucer Set.

For mug stacking, the Speckle or Rainbow Polka Dot Stacking Mugs add slim rings of color for a rainbow effect. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to combining Emma Bridgewater polka dots with other patterns and solids. The polka dots are cheerful and classic.

Personalized Monogram and Initial Mugs and Cups

For a thoughtful gift or customized home accent, Emma Bridgewater offers made-to-order mugs, cups, and teapots personalized with monograms and initials. Choose single, double, or triple initial combinations in either traditional black or eye-catching metallic gold.

The personalized pieces make unique housewarming, hostess, wedding, or holiday gifts. They also let you create monogrammed his-and-hers mug sets for a customized coffee and tea bar.

In addition to mugs, you can order cups and saucers, teapots, milk and sugar sets, cake plates, and other ceramics customized with initials. Personalized Emma Bridgewater pottery adds that special bespoke touch to daily coffee rituals.

Emma Bridgewater: Quality Craftsmanship and Enduring Style

Part of Emma Bridgewater pottery’s widespread popularity stems from its incredible quality and durability. The mugs, cups, and crockery are all handmade from dense English porcelain, giving them a substantial heft.

The clay’s high firing temperature makes them sturdy enough for everyday use. You won’t have to handle your Emma Bridgewater mugs gingerly – they’re made to be lived-in and enjoyed. The rich glazes also resist staining and chipping beautifully. Most patterns withstand the dishwasher too.

Stylistically, Emma Bridgewater feels both traditional and modern. The charming motifs like roses, polka dots, and songbirds appeal to cottagecore fans. But the simplicity of the designs gives them a clean, contemporary look that works in any kitchen.

While some designs are limited editions, most of the signature mug and teapot patterns remain available for years so you can slowly build up a collection. The timeless quality ensures Emma Bridgewater pottery never appears dated, making it a staple you’ll use and enjoy for life. Treasure and use your Emma Bridgewater mugs frequently to bring artistry, warmth, and simple joy into every day.

Check out our latest collections of pottery, designs and patterns here.

Source: New Products | Emma Bridgewater UK

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