Discover the Wonderful World of T2 Tea

With bright packaging and creative blends, Australia-based T2 has reimagined the traditional tea experience for the modern tea drinker. Since its launch in Melbourne in 1996, T2 has redefined what a specialty tea brand can be, with a focus on exceptional quality, innovation, and sustainability. Read on to learn why T2 should be your go-to for a delightful tea experience.

The T2 Difference

T2 founders Maryanne Shearer and Mary Smith strove to break tea free from stuffy tradition and make it a fun, approachable experience. Their extensive range puts a contemporary twist on classic flavors along with fruit and herbals concoctions. Whimsical names like Fruitaliscious, Choc Orange Fiasco, and Morning Magic delight. T2 packages their teas in bright, colorful tins that beg to be displayed. This cheerful aesthetic carries through to their vibrant stores and online shop.

Innovative Creations

T2 employs an in-house tea development team that travels the world sourcing unique ingredients to craft proprietary blends. They were one of the first to popularize combining fruits, flowers, spices, nuts, and teas. Standouts like Guava Go-Go and Blue Fruit Crush infuse tea with bold new flavors. Their approachable recipes and detailed brewing guides take the guesswork out of exploring teas.

Sustainable Sourcing

True to their origins in Melbourne, T2 prioritizes ethical, sustainable practices. They work directly with growers to ensure fair pricing and conditions while minimizing environmental impact. T2 aims for all products, packaging, and operations to be carbon neutral by 2030. Enjoy delicious teas while aligning with your values.

Brewing Tools and Accessories

T2 makes brewing better with their range of accessories. Find teapots, cups and mugs to enhance the ritual. Clever tools include compact portable infusers, the easy self-filling Teasmade, and the ingenious T2 Tea Tumbler for steeping on the go. Filters, presses and strainers ensure perfect extraction. Or simply browse their ingredient-focused gift packs for handy samplers.

Visit T2 Shops and Online

Immerse yourself in the delightful world of T2 at one of their store locations. Smell your way through their extensive tea lines, chatting with staff for recommendations. Brew up a cup to enjoy in-store. Shop their limited edition collections and accessories. Or visit to shop anytime and have your favorites delivered right to your door.

However you like it, T2 makes tea joyful, delicious, and yours. Discover new favorites among their inspired creations and find everything you need for an exceptional tea experience.

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