Discover Joyful Finds at Flying Tiger Copenhagen

Known for their eclectic, ever-changing assortment of fun, functional and affordable products, Flying Tiger Copenhagen brings a sense of curiosity, playfulness and imagination to everyday life. Since opening its first store in Copenhagen in 1995, Flying Tiger has expanded into a global phenomenon while staying true to its mission of democratizing design.

The Flying Tiger Experience

Stepping into one of Flying Tiger’s 950+ stores worldwide is an experience unto itself. The magical, treasure hunt-like retail spaces overflow with quirky, colorful and ingeniously designed products across categories, changed out frequently to keep things fresh. Items range from kitchen gadgets and office supplies to toys, crafts, home accents and more – all offered at reasonable prices often equivalent to $2-5 USD.

Celebrating Creativity and Imagination

At the heart of Flying Tiger is a spirit of creativity, curiosity and play for all ages. Their products inspire you to see possibilities and value in everyday objects by approaching them with an eye for imagination and fun. From putty erasers to light-up skipping ropes, Flying Tiger celebrates little joys. The experience of discovery and sense of childlike wonder is just as important as taking home unique finds.

Product Development Driven by Imagination

While Flying Tiger’s products offer functionality and problem-solving, imaginative design is essential. Their in-house product development team follows the mantra “What if…” to conceptualize new product ideas without limiting possibilities. If an item elicits joy and creativity yet serves a purpose, it may end up on Flying Tiger’s shelves. This innovative approach keeps offerings fresh and engaging.

Conscious Design and Sustainability

Flying Tiger aims to make responsible products accessible to all. Initiatives like their recycling program give used products new life. Many items incorporate recyclable, renewable or recycled materials. Through partnerships, they support social causes improving lives for marginalized communities. Flying Tiger makes small steps towards democratizing thoughtful design.

Flying Tiger brings artful imagination and playful curiosity into everyday moments. By constantly exploring “what if…”, they design affordable products that spark joy and creativity for all ages. Discover the magic of Flying Tiger in stores worldwide.

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