Creating Your Dream Kitchen with IKEA

For affordable, design-driven kitchen solutions, IKEA is a go-to destination for UK homeowners. Their stylish cabinetry, fixtures, countertops, appliances and more allow you to create a functional kitchen that expresses your unique style. Read on for an overview of planning and installing an IKEA kitchen for your home.

IKEA Kitchen Design Services

The process of building your ideal IKEA kitchen starts with the kitchen planning tools on their website or a visit to an IKEA store. Their kitchen specialists can assist you in person or remotely to design and customise the perfect layout for your space and needs.

Using the IKEA Home Planner, you can map out your kitchen with accurate dimensions, add cabinets and fixtures, try different configurations, and get a 3D preview. IKEA kitchen experts can consult on implementing your design vision. Take advantage of their planning tools and advice for a smooth project.

IKEA Cabinet Options

At the heart of every IKEA kitchen is their wide range of cabinet and drawer offerings. Their SEKTION line features durable wood frames with a variety of frontals and finishes from sleek white to rich wood. MAXIMERA drawers offer smooth soft-closing slides and customisable storage.

Metod cabinet frames come preassembled for faster installation. A range of styles like shaker, two-toned, and high-gloss are available. IKEA makes it easy to mix and match to create your ideal aesthetic. Their “kitchens sale” offers additional savings opportunities.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Innovative storage is an IKEA specialty, from pull-out spice racks to large pantry units. Their rail systems allow you to hang pots, utensils and towels right where you need them. Deep drawers store cooking vessels, while corner carousels optimise tricky spaces.

BESTÅ storage combines glass or wood fronts and interiors to store dinnerware on display. RÅSKOG utility carts roll around for portable organisation. IKEA has endless specialised storage options to arrange your kitchen just how you like.

Countertops & Splashbacks

IKEA offers a wide selection of countertop materials like quartz, solid wood, stainless steel, laminate, and butcher block. Their EKBACKEN series comes in unique patterns like concrete, marble, slate, and more. Or install a splashback like FÖRENLIG to protect your walls and add visual interest.

With IKEA’s affordable countertop options, it’s easy to refresh your kitchen’s surfaces cost-effectively. Their laminates come pre-cut for the ultimate DIY convenience.

Must-Have Kitchen Fixtures

IKEA delivers form and function with fixtures like sinks, taps and lighting. The HAVSEN apron-front farmhouse sink has charming style. MATMÄSSIG taps come in several on-trend finishes.

For lighting, IKEA offers everything from LED under-cabinet strips to dangling pendant lamps. Accent your interior design with fixtures that complete your unique kitchen vision.

Finishing Touches

The finishing details can really make your IKEA kitchen pop. Add colour with their ASSORTERA drawer fronts in blues, reds, yellows, and greens. Show some personality with knobs and handles like the whimsical ANTILOP pull.

IKEA’s SINNLIG series offers sleek-profile appliances like gas hobs, wine fridges and dishwashers to complete your modern kitchen. With these special touches, your IKEA kitchen reflects you.

Installation Help for Your IKEA Kitchen

Once you’ve designed your IKEA kitchen and purchased the components, it’s time for installation. While IKEA includes detailed instructions and hardware for assembling their products, the process can be challenging and time consuming.

That’s why many people opt to hire an experienced IKEA kitchen contractor to tackle the renovation. They have the skills to properly assemble and securely mount cabinets, install countertops, connect appliances, handle electrical and plumbing, and address any issues.

IKEA partners with independent contractors who specialise in their products. Or you can hire a general contractor familiar with IKEA installations. This investment makes for a smooth, stress-free kitchen remodel.

The Convenience of IKEA Kitchen Delivery

Another perk of shopping with IKEA is their affordable delivery service. When purchasing a full kitchen system rather than individual components, IKEA can bundle everything together and bring it right to your home.

This saves the hassle of transporting all the cabinets, fixtures and appliances yourself. IKEA will place the boxes in the appropriate rooms of your home so you can start your remodel. Combine delivery with professional installation for ultimate convenience.

Cost to Consider for an IKEA Kitchen

So what’s the typical budget for an IKEA kitchen remodel in the UK? You can tailor costs based on which cabinet frames, fixtures, appliances and countertop materials you select. Their SEKTION cabinets range from £100-500 per frame. Countertops can run £50-150 per linear foot installed. Include another £3,000-5,000 for appliances.

With IKEA’s reasonable prices, you can overhaul your kitchen beautifully for an average total cost of £15,000-25,000 depending on size and selections. This provides amazing value compared to custom cabinetry. Visit an IKEA planning studio to create your budget.

Achieve Your Dream IKEA Kitchen

With the right planning tools, customisable cabinets, handy storage, on-trend fixtures, and professional installation, IKEA makes is possible to create your amazing dream kitchen at attractive prices. Take advantage of their extensive selection and convenient services to bring your unique IKEA kitchen vision to life.

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