Crabtree & Evelyn: Nature’s Inspiration Infused in Luxurious Body Care

For over 50 years, Crabtree & Evelyn has been creating personal care products inspired by the wonder of nature. Their devotion to using natural, ethically sourced ingredients results in indulgent formulas that nourish the skin and delight the senses.

Born in 1972 in the English countryside village of Crabtree & Evelyn, the brand took inspiration from the garden landscapes surrounding them. Their original line of floral and herb-infused soaps paved the way for the extensive body, home and beauty collections today.

While trends come and go, Crabtree & Evelyn’s heritage in botanical care endures. Here’s an exploration of their signature approach:

Ingredients Driven by Nature
From botanical oils and extracts to hydrating shea and cocoa butters, natural ingredients take center stage. Classic scents like Lavender and Rosewater connect to the natural world. New collections feature exotic orchids, fruits and spices.

Artisanal Craftsmanship
Producing small batches allows Crabtree & Evelyn to perfect each formula. Time-honored techniques lend authenticity: French-milled soaps, triple-milled fragrances, hand-poured candles. From cultivation to finished product, they oversee every artisanal detail.

Sensory Journey
Visually alluring glass apothecary bottles house the collections. Textures tempt the touch, from creamy body soufflés to fizzy bath bombs. Transportive scents and alluring flavors satisfy the senses. The indulgent formulas invite you to treat yourself.

Holistic Approach
Balancing mind and body goes beyond skin deep. Crabtree & Evelyn harnesses homeopathy and wellbeing practices like aromatherapy. Massage oils, mineral bath salts and body mists promise restorative self-care rituals.

Body Care Luxury
Sumptuous textures transform ordinary routines into spa-worthy moments. Whipped body butters, smoothing sugar scrubs and hydrating oil infusions deliver results powered by science and nature. Eye masks, creams and serums pamper from head to toe.

Gifting Inspiration
Beautiful packaging makes Crabtree & Evelyn a go-to for gifting. Pampering gift sets, pretty soaps tied with ribbons and personalized keepsake tins check every gift box. Discover new scents and share relaxing rituals.

Global Influences
Inspiration from lands near and far diversify the botanical ingredients and sensory journeys. Japanese cherry blossom, Indian sandalwood, Moroccan argan oil – each collection channels a sense of place through natural elements.

Commitment to Ethics
Sustainability, fair trade and ethical practices steer every decision. They partner with suppliers who share these values to protect indigenous harvests and rural workers. This enhances lives while preserving endangered botanicals.

A Promised Experience
Crabtree & Evelyn brings more than just premium products to their devoted fans – they provide an experience. One that reconnects to nature’s wonder, engages the senses, and provides restorative moments just for you.

At its roots, Crabtree & Evelyn remains committed to crafting personal care inspired by the goodness of nature. Their collections continue balancing science and botanicals to care for the body and soul.

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