Church’s Shoes: The Epitome of Handcrafted English Footwear Since 1873

Established in 1873, Church’s Shoes holds the distinction as England’s first ever shoe company. But it is far more than just the oldest British shoe brand—over nearly 150 years, Church’s has perfected the art of traditional footwear craftsmanship to become the premier creator of elegantly designed, consummately constructed English shoes.

From Oxford wingtips to sleek brogues to Chelsea boots, Church’s represents the gold standard that other luxury brands aspire towards in both men’s and women’s footwear.

Built on Quality Craftsmanship

Church’s origins trace back to a small shoemaking workshop opened by Thomas Church and his three sons in Northampton, the heart of English shoemaking. Using local leathers and the meticulous Goodyear welt construction method, the Church family built their company on principles of comfort, durability and timeless style that remain integral to the brand today.

Church’s still relies on Northamptonshire artisans who handcraft each pair using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations. It takes over 200 manual steps and 8 weeks to make one pair of Church’s shoes or boots—a level of handmade quality impossible to replicate by machines alone.

From Royalty to the Runway

By the early 20th century, Church’s had secured royal warrants as the official shoe supplier to British royalty, cementing its prestige and reputation for exquisite craftsmanship. In the Swinging Sixties, the brand reached new heights of fashionable cool with its shoes featured in cult classic films like A Clockwork Orange.

On the runway, Church’s continues collaborating with haute couture houses and fashion designers. Yet while embracing contemporary style, Church’s remains devoted to traditional techniques that keep its English heritage alive in every meticulously made pair.

Investing in Church’s Timeless Style

Owning Church’s shoes remains an investment—the upper leathers and sturdy Goodyear-welted soles are built to last decades if properly cared for. The brand maintains its own repair shops dedicated to preserving and restoring customers’ beloved footwear.

While prioritizing durable construction, Church’s incorporates modern comfort features like rubber soles and cushioned insoles for optimal flexibility and support. This marriage of comfort and resilience makes Church’s shoes ideal for both work and play.

From business meetings to countryside rambles to cocktail parties, Church’s diverse range provides tasteful fine footwear for every occasion and every gentleman or lady’s wardrobe. Though the ultimate luxury does not come cheap, one feels the lifetime value in Church’s unparalleled artisanal quality and enduring design.

On one’s feet or on display, Church’s shoes stand alone as heritage icons representing centuries of peerless English craftsmanship.

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