Carpo Cafe: A Unique Greek Coffee Experience

Tucked away in the storied Exarcheia neighborhood of Athens, Carpo Cafe offers a one-of-a-kind Greek coffee experience. This cozy local spot brings traditional Hellenic coffee culture into the modern era through specialty brews, homemade sweets, and an eclectic retro atmosphere.

Passion for Greek Coffee

Carpo Cafe was founded in 2016 by childhood friends and coffee enthusiasts Giorgos Karpathakis and Dimitris Nathenas. Bonding over their grandfathers’ love of Greek coffee, they decided to open a cafe dedicated to the country’s unique coffee history and culture.

The name “Carpo” comes from the Greek word for “fruit” – symbolic of the fresh, flavorful coffees and pastries handcrafted in-house daily. Carpo celebrates the rich legacy of Greek coffee while adding modern flair.

It Starts with the Beans

At Carpo, the magic begins with fresh, high-quality coffee beans sourced from the mountains of Corinth in Southern Greece. The beans are roasted on-site to bring out their full bold, aromatic flavor.

The cafe serves up classics like frappe, along with unique specialty brews like iced cinnamon freddo and affogato poured over gelato. Sweet Greek coffee served in a briki with lokum candy brings back nostalgic flavors.

A Cozy Escape

Stepping inside Carpo feels like entering a retro living room. Kitschy antique furniture, vintage radios, and old family portraits adorn the space. Customers can snuggle into armchairs by the marble fireplace or chat at wooden tables under a chrome ceiling.

Greek folk and rembetiko music plays softly in the background, transporting guests back in time. The atmosphere evokes cozy Greek family gatherings of generations past.

Sweet & Savory Greek Delights

Carpo’s treats showcase traditional Greek recipes with inventive new twists. Best-sellers include truffle tyropita, rosewater baklava, mastiha koulouria cookies, and creamy Greek yogurt with thyme honey.

Hearty sandwiches, silky fava dip, and crisp horiatiki salads round out the menu with authentic Greek flavors. Carpo also offers a full bar of ouzo, rakomelo, regional wines and craft cocktails.

A Community Nexus

Since opening, Carpo has become a cherished neighborhood institution. During the day, young artists and writers often work here surrounded by the cafe’s artistic vibes and vintage aesthetics.

In the evenings, Carpo hosts live rembetiko musical performances where locals gather to play instruments, dance, and sing. The owners proudly support the arts, fostering Carpo as a creative hub alongside serving phenomenal coffee.

By honoring its roots while moving Greek coffee culture forward, Carpo Café has become a must-visit destination for an immersive taste of Athens. It reimagines traditional coffeehouses as a stylish yet nostalgic community space.

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