Camper: Quirky, Comfortable Shoes with Spanish Flair

Camper is a popular Spanish footwear brand renowned for its unique, eye-catching designs and next-level comfort. With a commitment to original style and quality craftsmanship, Camper has become one of the most iconic casual shoe brands across the globe.

A Family Business Born in Mallorca

Camper’s origins date back to 1877, when Antonio Fluxá started making shoes on the Spanish island of Mallorca. The small family enterprise continued across generations, incorporating modern production methods while focusing on high quality and skilled local craftsmanship.

In 1975, current president Lorenzo Fluxá refounded the company as Camper, reflecting the brand’s Mediterranean roots. The name means “peasant” in Catalan, conjuring visions of rural Mallorca. Camper shoes fused traditional Spanish cobbling with playful, modern design.

Quirky, Iconic Styles

Camper’s shoes stood out from their very first design, the Camaleón. The versatile three-in-one shoe with interchangeable Velcro straps reflected Camper’s unconventional, creative approach to footwear.

The brand became known forinjecting humor, originality and Spanish spirit into its shoe collections. Bold colors, unusualmaterials like cork, asymmetric shapes and chunky soles created a signature Camper style. Playful names like Twins, Camber and Pix were trademarks of the brand’s quirky aesthetic.

Comfort and Quality Combined

Despite their distinctive looks, Camper shoes deliver exceptional comfort. Anatomical footbeds providearch support using premium materials like natural latex and leather. Flexible soles move naturally with the foot.

While unconventional in style, every Camper design focuses on cushioning, stability and all-day wearability. Alongside signature looks, the brand also producesmore classic silhouettes like oxfords and boots. Premium materials and meticulous construction ensuredurability.

From Local to Global

During the 1990s-2000s, Camper expanded worldwide with its flagship “Walk in Progress” concept stores. Thebrand grew internationally while retaining its Spanish soul and promotion of Mallorcan craftsmanship.

Collaborations with avant-garde designers kept Camper’s fashion edge sharp. Yet functionality andcomfort remained central to the brand. Today Camper continues fusing innovation, Mediterranean spirit and quality in its collections.

Camper Now

Camper currently operates over 400 stores globally across Europe, North America, Asia and beyond. While best known forits iconic casual shoes, the brand also produces apparel, accessories and fragrances inspired by itsfree-spirited DNA.

However, shoes remain Camper’s specialty – footwear that manage to be simultaneously quirky, comfortable and cool. The brand’s promotion of Spanish craftsmanship and creativity keeps Camper distinct in the global footwear market.

With its lighthearted spirit and commitment to quality, Camper marches forward in style.

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