Calzedonia: Italian Style from Legwear to Loungewear

Calzedonia is a leading Italian fashion brand specializing in legwear, underwear, beachwear, and loungewear for women, men, and children. Known for affordable luxury with sensual Mediterranean flair, Calzedonia has grown from a local Legwear company into an internationally recognized fashion brand.

Humble Origins

Calzedonia was founded in Verona, Italy in 1986 by entrepreneur Sandro Veronesi. The initial focus was on women’s tights and stockings, capturing Italian style and quality at an affordable price point.

The brand name “Calzedonia” was chosen to evoke the Italian word for stockings, “calze”. From small-town origins, Calzedonia steadily grew by catering to Italian women seeking accessible luxury leg fashions.

Expanding Italian Style

Throughout the 1990s, Calzedonia expanded into lingerie, underwear, swimwear, and beachwear for women and girls. Stores opened across Italy to meet growing demand. The product range grew while retaining a core DNA of high quality, on-trend Italian style at affordable pricing.

In the early 2000s, new sub-brands were launched including Intimissimi for intimate apparel and Falconeri for luxury knitwear. Teen label Signorvino and the men’s line Calzedonia Man gave the brand greater reach. Calzedonia came to represent Italian fashion for the whole family.

Global Growth

International expansion began in the mid-2000s, with Calzedonia spreading across Europe then the Middle East, Asia and America. Flagship stores opened in fashion capitals like Paris, London and New York.

The brand portfolio also grew through the acquisition of Italian hosiery companies like Le Bourget. Calzedonia was taking its Italian style worldwide.

Calzedonia Today

Today, Calzedonia has over 2500 stores globally across its brand portfolio. It specializes in legwear including tights, stockings and socks while also offering loungewear, beachwear, underwear and intimates.

Signature styles fuse fashion and function, like transparent tights with flat seaming or body-sculpting beachwear. Italian flair for color, print and detail give the products sensual styling. From daywear to nightwear, Calzedonia champions accessible luxury with Mediterranean spirit.

The brand continues growing internationally while promoting La Vita Italiana – the Italian lifestyle embodied in its stylish, high quality products. Calzedonia brings Italian fashion straight from the catwalks to women worldwide.

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