Burton: Quintessential British Menswear Since 1903

Burton is one of the most iconic menswear brands in the UK, known for providing quality and affordable menswear staples with a distinctly British flair. Ever since its founding in 1903, Burton has been outfitting generations of British men in stylish, accessible clothing.

Early Beginnings

Burton was founded by Sir Montague Maurice Burton in Chesterfield, England in 1903. As a young Lithuanian immigrant, Burton began tailoring affordable, ready-to-wear menswear and opened his first shop catering to working men needing good quality suits on a budget.

The affordability, fit and quality of Burton’s early made-to-measure suits quickly caught on. Burton continued expanding across the UK in the early 1900s, bringing affordable menswear to the masses and cementing the brand’s identity as the place for high quality, reasonably priced suits and clothing.

Post-War Expansion

After WWII, Burton experienced massive growth and expansion. With rising incomes and white collar jobs, more British men could afford stylish off-the-rack suits. Burton was well positioned to outfit this growing demographic of working professionals.

By 1964, Burton had over 500 stores nationally. The brand further expanded its casual offerings including polo shirts, knitwear and trousers. Burton became known for resonating quality no matter the price point or item.

Fashion Forward to Today

In the 1980s and 90s, Burton kept pace with shifting tastes and fashion trends. More emphasis was placed on casual clothing, sportswear and smarter separates for the discerning man. Marketing tapped into a cooler, edgier Burton guy not just your average suit wearer.

Today, Burton continues offering great value, on-trend menswear from smart separates to tailored suits to casuals like polos, jeans, jackets and knits. The brand strikes the balance between affordably priced wardrobe basics with of-the-moment styling and fits. The signature Burton touch remains providing quality, wearable classics to outfit the British man at any budget.

British Icon

In many ways, Burton mirrors the evolution of British masculinity over the decades. From three-piece suits in the 50s to mod culture in the 60s to the lad culture of the 90s, Burton has kept in step with emerging fashions while retaining its core DNA of quality and wearability.

Part of Burton’s strong brand recognition stems from this ability to adapt yet consistently deliver value and style authority. Burton is regarded as an accessible menswear brand but one with distinct British heritage and authority in how to smartly dress the British man.

Into the Future

Today Burton has over 400 stores globally and remains one of the most beloved menswear brands in the UK. Burton promises the British man quality wardrobe essentials from smart blazers to jumpers to casual button-downs. Burton continues bringing high value, accessible and fashionable style to every British bloke’s wardrobe.

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