Brennan B2

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B2 is a hard disk music player that can store your entire CD collection. B2 is simple – you can use it like a CD player – just insert a CD and press Play. But it takes just one button click and a few minutes to load (or rip) the CD onto the hard disk. Track, Album and Artist names are assigned from the internet as you load so you can find music by name. You don’t need an internet connection though – B2 has an internal database of 3.5 million CDs. Declutter your living room, get instant access to any track and play unbroken music at the touch of a button. B2 uses FLAC compression that’s a lossless compression technique so B2 stores an exact copy of what is on the CD. 500Gb model can store 1100 CDs as FLAC – perfect unadulterated copies of your CDs forever. Find music quickly – just a few seconds to search for a track. Or simply scroll through albums using the volume knob. You can operate B2 from the front panel, remote control or using the fantastic new web UI. The web interface lets you control the B2 from your sofa with a laptop, tablet or smartphone and will transform the way you enjoy your music. But if you want utter simplicity – the Next button turns B2 on and plays your music at random – don’t like what it plays just press again – music as simple as an electric kettle. Listen to your favourite radio station – via the internet – currently over 750 UK radio stations. There is an optical SPDIF output on the back so you can deliver the music to a high end DAC or high end audio equipment for uncompromised audio quality. B2 also has its own 15+15W power amplifier with chunky 4mm plugs. B2 has optional Bluetooth so you can play music from Spotify etc. on your phone or tablet through the B2. B2 is machined from solid aluminium. You can backup and transfer music with an external hard disk so your music is safe. B2 has a Raspberry Pi Linux computer inside that you can login to and program yourself. Big bright display that you can read from across a room.

You can buy the Brennan B2 here.