ASICS: Achieving Your Personal Best

Whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend jogger, ASICS has the gear to help you achieve your personal best. As one of the top athletic brands worldwide, ASICS designs performance technology to support and enhance all types of movement.

ASICS stands for the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano” which translates to “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” This motto speaks to their holistic view of athleticism and active living.

Founded in 1949 by Japanese businessman Kihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS began by producing basketball shoes and athletic apparel. Over 70 years later, they’ve grown into a leader in technical running shoes along with a full range of activewear.

While the product offerings expanded, a focus on craftsmanship and innovation remains at ASICS’ core. Their shoes are still proudly designed and manufactured in Japan using the highest quality materials. They also maintain strong ties to their heritage through partnerships with Japanese designers and brands.

This technical precision is what sets ASICS footwear apart. Their shoes are thoughtfully engineered to deliver exactly what runners need based on gait analysis and biomechanical research. Technologies like rearfoot GEL cushioning and DuoMax Support systems provide the ideal stability and shock absorption.

Specific models cater to different types of runners – the Nimbus line offers plush cushioning for neutral runners while the Kayano stabilizes overpronators. Across styles, ASICS shoes help athletes reach PRs and stay injury-free.

Beyond running, ASICS also equips athletes in soccer, tennis, volleyball and more with footwear designed for each sport’s specialized movements. But running remains at the heart of their innovation as the foundation for all sports.

In addition to shoes, ASICS produces a wide range of active apparel infused with proprietary fabrics to wick sweat and increase mobility. Their workout clothing combines scientifically-tested performance with on-trend style. So you can train hard while looking good.

ASICS also aims to support youth athletic development through community initiatives. Programs like the ASICS FunFitness provide access and encouragement for kids to participate in sports. Because achieving your personal best starts early!

At the end of the day, ASICS creates gear designed to hold up through countless miles of activity. While trends come and go, their commitment to enabling athletic achievement through purposeful design persists. ASICS wants athletes of all levels to feel that sense of personal accomplishment.

So next time you shop for athletic gear, turn to the brand working to help you bring your “A Game.” ASICS provides the tools you need to feel unstoppable during every workout and race.

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