Anthropologie: Find Your Free-Spirited Style

Step into an Anthropologie store or onto their site and prepare to be enchanted. This bohemian-inspired brand has been spreading their singular vision of free-spirited style and creative living since 1992.

Founded in a suburb of Philadelphia, Anthropologie was the brainchild of current Urban Outfitters CEO Dick Hayne and his wife Judy Wicks. Together they sought to build a lifestyle brand that ignited creativity, optimism and joy in every customer.

This vibrant mission shines through in Anthropologie’s eclectic mix of clothing, accessories, home décor and furniture. Floral maxi dresses, embroidered kimonos, velvet sofas, custom candles – each piece feels specially selected for the Anthro girl’s adventurous tastes.

Every visit offers a treasure hunt of finds curated from across the globe. With over 200 stores worldwide and new products introduced daily online, you never know what you’ll uncover. Handmade carpets from Morocco, indie designer collaborations, vintage-inspired cocktail dresses – expect the beautifully unexpected.

While selections vary, everything at Anthropologie shares an artisanal boho essence. They partner with local makers and artisans to produce many one-of-a-kind items. This collaborative process results in products with rich character and soul.

Beyond selling beautiful things, Anthropologie aims to cultivate beauty in customers’ lives. Their stores double as community hubs hosting workshops, events and festivals. Gardening demos, cooking classes, craft lessons – these interactive experiences foster creativity.

Even the store displays tell a story and spark inspiration. Plush armchairs beckon you to relax and browse. Vignettes showcase how to style pieces together and incorporate them into your home. Romantic lighting and earthy visuals set the mood. The vibe is less shop and more artistic sanctuary.

Anthropologie also empowers customers to give back by supporting various causes and charities. From donating a portion of sales to products made through fair trade, they incorporate conscious practices across the business.

At its core, Anthropologie sells more than just things – they sell a lifestyle. One where adventure, imagination and human connection take priority. Wandering through their stores transports you to this whimsical world.

So if you crave fashions and home décor that spark creativity and tell a story, make Anthropologie your happy place. Every visit will reinvigorate your spirit and inspire you to live authentically in a way that feels right for you.

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