American Apparel: Effortlessly Cool Basics

If you’re looking for basics done right, American Apparel has you covered. This LA-based brand has been churning out perfect tees, bodysuits, sweatsuits and more since 1989. Their effortlessly cool essentials sparked a revolution in casual wear.

Canadian native Dov Charney launched American Apparel with a bold vision – to create timeless basics made ethically right here in the USA. At a time when fashion manufacturing was rapidly moving overseas, Dov sought to revive domestic garment production.

He also prioritized fair wages and positive working environments for his predominantly immigrant workforce. This commitment to ethics underpinned the brand as they disrupted the basics market.

While sweatshop-free working conditions were non-negotiable, Dov refused to compromise on quality or fit. American Apparel pieces are crafted from super soft, durable fabrics that feel amazing on. Each tee, tank, and sweater fits like a glove thanks to consistent sizing between styles.

This perfected fit combined with their muted color palette created the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Minimally branded pieces blended seamlessly into any look. The neutral bodysuits, bike shorts and leggings became closet staples for women worldwide.

And their clothing is as versatile as it is comfortable. American Apparel’s muted tones and silhouettes transition seamlessly from day to night. A bodysuit with jeans for a casual daytime look easily gets dressed up for a night out with a leather skirt. The simplicity lends itself to effortless layering and mix-and-match outfits.

Beyond clothes, American Apparel also supplies logo-free basics for the home. Their famous plush towels, bedding, and accessories bring that coveted comfort into your living space.

While staying true to their ethics, American Apparel also frequently challenged norms in advertising. Their provocative campaigns showcased sex-positive messaging and featured amateur models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. This bold approach to marketing amplified the brand.

Of course, American Apparel has weathered its share of controversies and changes in leadership over the years. But new owners have carried on their legacy of quality ethical basics without skipping a beat. The clothes feel as relevant today as ever.

If you value high-standard, super soft basics with timeless appeal, American Apparel delivers. Their closet staples embody versatile simplicity at its finest. As their slogan says, these timeless pieces are “Made in USA Sweatshop Free.”

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