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Get the Scoop on Amazon Coins – The Appstore’s Digital Currency

You know how video games have in-game currencies that help you unlock cool stuff? Well, Amazon created its own digital currency just for the Amazon Appstore called Amazon Coins. These coins allow you to score apps, games, subscriptions and more at discounted prices.

Intrigued by this cyber cash? Let’s dive into everything you should know about how Amazon Coins work and how to maximize their app-buying power. Time to level up your Amazon Appstore savings game!

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What Are Amazon Coins Exactly?

In a nutshell, Amazon Coins are a digital-only currency exclusive to the Amazon Appstore on Android. Consider them like virtual tokens you can use to purchase apps, games, in-app items, subscriptions – basically anything you can buy in the Appstore.

Coins come in different amounts like 500, 1,000, 5,000, etc. The key perk is Amazon sells Coins in bulk at discount. For example, you might pay £80 for a bundle of 10,000 Coins that are worth £100 in the Appstore. Boom – you just scored 20% off your Appstore future purchases by pre-paying with Coins!

Where Do You Get Amazon Coins?

There are a few ways to build your stash of Amazon Coins:

  • Buy Coins directly – Amazon offers discounted Coin bundles across denominations like 1500 Coins for £10.99 or 10,000 Coins for £79.99.
  • Earn free Coins – Amazon gives away Coins through daily tasks, Appstore promotions, and as rewards for purchases.
  • Receive Coins as gifts – Friends can gift Amazon Coins to add to your balance for app spending.

Any Coins you buy or earn go into your digital Amazon Coin Wallet associated with your account. It’s like storing gift card balance you can tap anytime to spend on apps and games.

How Do You Use Amazon Coins?

Using your stockpiled Amazon Coins to buy stuff is easy. Just shop on the Amazon Appstore from your Android device like normal. When you go to purchase an app, game, or make in-app buys, choose the option to pay with Coins.

Your Coin balance will automatically apply at checkout. You can also select to pay partly with Coins and the remainder on a gift card or other payment method. Any earned Coins are used first before other funds.

One thing to know – Amazon Coins can only be redeemed on the Amazon Appstore. You can’t transfer them elsewhere or convert them back into cash. Coins are tied to your Amazon account.

Why Should You Bother With Amazon Coins?

At this point you may be wondering, why even bother with this Appstore-only digital currency? A few excellent reasons to embrace Amazon Coins:

Save money – Buying Coins in bulk means you score them at a discount, so you save on future app and in-app purchases. The more Coins you stash, the more you save over time.

Earn free Coins – Amazon offers lots of ways to earn Coins through tasks, purchases, and promotions. More free Coins means more savings!

Buy apps guilt-free – Having a Coin balance set aside means you can splurge on apps and games without impacting your real world budget.

Teach money skills – If you have kids, Coins can help demonstrate digital money management and saving toward goals.

Overall, Amazon Coins provide a rewarding way to save on Appstore purchases with discounts, bonuses, and incentives exclusive to the digital currency.

Maximizing Your Amazon Coin Savings

Want to unlock the full savings potential of Amazon Coins? Here are some savvy tips to stack discounts and earn Coin rewards:

Take advantage of Coin deals – Watch for Appstore promotions where Coin bundles are discounted further or come with free extra Coins.

Buy Coins when low – Let your balance totally empty before replenishing so you use up all your discounted Coins.

Earn free Coins daily – Complete Appstore activities to earn 100 free Coins here and there.

Save up for big purchases – Hoard Coins over time and unleash them on higher priced apps or in-app buys.

Get the Coin rebate – When buying certain Amazon gift cards, you can score a 10% Coin rebate.

Refer friends – Share your promo code with pals to earn 500 Bonus Coins for each Appstore download.

Use Coins first – Make sure Amazon applies your Coin balance to purchases first before using other funds.

As you can see, the more actions you take to build up and efficiently utilize your supply of discounted Coins, the bigger your savings over time!

Ideal Uses for Amazon Coins

Wondering what types of Appstore buys make the most of Amazon Coins? Here are some savvy ways to maximize value:

Subscription apps – Coins take a bite out of ongoing fees for productivity apps, streaming services, dating apps, etc.

Mobile games – Coins help unlock in-game upgrades, rare items, and more without overspending real cash.

In-app purchases – Buy premium app features and experiences at a discount with Stacked Coins.

High-priced apps – Splurge on pricier apps guilt-free using your Coin balance.

Impulse buys – Coins encourage you to try out that random new app since they’re like funny money.

Kids’ apps – Coins can purchase kids’ subscription apps and in-app items without hitting your real wallet.

As you can see, Coins are ideal for Appstore power users who frequently buy apps, make in-app purchases, subscribe to services, play mobile games, and more. Occasional buyers may not use Coins quickly enough to maximize savings.

Savvy App Shopping With Amazon Coins

Now that you’re a pro at how Amazon Coins work, you can unleash their money-saving power across the Appstore. Here are some final tips for leveraging Coins like a genuis:

  • Monitor Coin promotions – Keep checking the Appstore for extra Coin discounts, rebates and earning activities.
  • Combine payment methods – Use Coins alongside gift cards or other funds to optimize savings.
  • Save toward bigger purchases – Hoard Coins for splurging on higher cost apps and in-app items.
  • Buy Coins when low or empty – Let your supply totally run out so you use all discounted Coins before buying more.
  • Maximize free Coin rewards – Complete Appstore activities daily, refer friends, write reviews, etc to score free Coins.
  • Use Coins first – Set your 1-Click payment to use available Coins before other funds for maximum savings.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about scoring and redeeming Amazon Coins for Appstore purchases. Happy Appstore shopping! May your Coin hauls be fruitful and your savings maximized.

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