Jura Ena Micro 9 One Touch Coffee Machine

JURA is once again at the leading edge of coffee technology with the world’s smallest fully automatic One Touch Cappuccino coffee machine. The new JURA ENA Micro 9 delivers a performance of barista quality even when space is at a premium. The small design of this multi-award winning coffee machine is reinforced by the stylish Micro Silver finish, helping it to make a real impact. A newly developed brew unit, specially engineered for a single serving, allows this coffee machine to measure a compact 23cm x 32.3cm x 44.5cm (W x H x D) without compromising features or maximum enjoyment.
Using the JURA ENA Micro 9 is as easy as it looks. Ergonomically arranged buttons and easy-to-understand symbols enable you to conveniently select your drink without any fuss. Intuitively customise your drinks with a rotary switch allowing you to have all your drinks configured exactly the way you like it in no time at all. The changing colour of the clear text display guides you to indicate when the machine is ready (green), when you are programming your drink options (yellow) and when to take action (red). The volumes, temperature and coffee strength of every drink can be customised exactly to your liking: choose from 2 programmable coffee strength levels and 2 brewing temperatures.
An impressive range of coffee specialities are available at the touch of a button without having to move the cup. Delight and entertain with a latte macchiato, cappuccino or espresso, or use the hot water function for tea or to turn a tall coffee into an americano. The coffee bean container on top of the machine is sealed with an aroma protection lid, keeping up to 125g of coffee beans fresh. A perfect coffee also requires that the beans are ground consistently without heating the ground coffee. The JURA ENA Micro 9 grinds your choice of coffee beans with a multi-level conical grinder immediately before brewing it, preserving all the delicious flavours and aromas. The variable micro brew unit expertly extracts all the flavour, automatically adjusting to brew 6-10g of freshly ground coffee under perfect conditions.
The reason why you never have to assist or move your cup when preparing milky specialities is because the milk frother is integrated into an adjustable dual spout (55-138mm) which features separate milk and coffee tubes for perfect hygiene. State-of-the-art fine foam technology creates drinks topped with a luxurious, feather light foam of creamy consistency.
The removable 1.1L water tank is easily accessible at the rear of the coffee machine within which a CLARIS Blue water filter can be installed. The CLARIS cartridge filters the water immediately before each preparation, removing impurities and improving the taste of the coffee. 98% of coffee is water – the better the quality of the water, the purer and less adulterated the aroma. Correct use of a CLARIS water filter also prolongs the life of a JURA coffee machine and helps to ensure optimal performance.
Owning a JURA fully automatic coffee machine includes many features and benefits as standard across the range. Choice and convenience are key to JURA’s approach, which is why all JURA coffee machines can prepare drinks with pre-ground coffee in addition to fresh coffee beans. This allows you the freedom to experiment with many different blends and to accommodate different tastes in one household. Only high-performance 15 bar water pumps are used in JURA coffee machines to guarantee coffee is always brewed under the exact pressure required for the ultimate results every time. Hot water and steam is produced by modern thermoblocks which instantly heat water only when required as it passes through. Maintaining a JURA coffee machine is made easy with integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs, completely eliminating the need to remove and clean the brew unit. All new JURA coffee machines boast impressive energy efficiency features without compromising luxury and excellence. A patented Zero Energy Switch intelligently manages power to the coffee machine, disconnecting the coffee machine entirely from the mains only once any ongoing processes have completed. With Energy Save Mode the coffee machine could be adjusted to adapt to your individual habits and save up to 40% of the energy normally required. All new JURA coffee machines are rated Energy Efficiency A or better by FEA (Switzerland).
JURA coffee machines, accessories and cleaning products are available to buy from a selection of the finest retailers in the UK. Customers supporting authorised dealers also enjoy the benefit of a 25 Month Warranty with every new JURA coffee machine in our range.
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