Booster board Max-Eboard Electric Longboard

Booster board Max-Eboard Electric LongboardWith as much speed, range and power as competitors, The Max-Eboard booster board ┬áby Slick Revolution comes in at around half the price of its competitors. The Max-Eboard is the bigger brother of the Min-Eboard electric skateboard by Slick Revolution. At 36 inches long it’s a fairly standard longboard but with one important difference. A powerful anti splash and dustproof motor with 1200 Watts of power will take you wherever you like. Perfect for the commuter or anyone wanting to ride the endless wave. On smooth tarmac the Max-Eboard will glide along for up to 12.4 miles and reach a top speed of 20mph. The Max-Eboard has a discreet wireless controller and can be ridden at any speed up to 20mph. Cruise control allows you to stick at any speed with the touch of a button. Need to recharge your tech while on the go? No problem just plug in to the USB port and away you go. A quick charge time of 4 hours means when your Max-Eboard is out of juice you can be up and about quickly. Strong controller activated regenerative braking means you can slow down while on the move quickly, efficiently and with just the touch of a button. When you brake, the battery charges, giving extra ride time. 7 inch Magaluma gravity cast trucks and ABEC-7 super smooth bearing ensure a smooth ride. The board handles slightly more stiffly than its unpowered cousins but can make an 8 foot radius turn. Where will the Max-Eboard take you?

You can buy the Max-Eboard Electric longboard booster board here.